How To Choose The Perfect Razors For Your Skin

Using the razor suitable for your skin will reflect the overall quality of the shave. When you have the perfect one for you, the problems associated with aftershaves can be easily avoided. There are different types of razors out there, and one of the biggest mistakes people make when shaving their skin is they try the first razor they see. 

Picking A Suitable Razor

Choosing a good razor isn’t as difficult as it looks. Here are a few things you should consider before buying:

1. Razor Quality

Always opt for razors from reputable brands because this reduces the risk of ending up with an inferior product possibly jeopardizing your skin. A reputable brand will ensure they have a quality product for different skin types. 

Choosing a safety razor from and other reliable sources could lead to a great shaving experience. Although razors from quality brands may be more expensive, paying extra for safety purposes will yield a better result for you. 

Never go for razors simply because of their prices. Most cheap products are likely made with inferior quality, which may end up causing skin bumps after shaving.

2. Error Trial

It’s normal if you don’t get the perfect razor for your skin the first time because finding the ideal razor may be challenging as everyone has unique needs. You may want to add shaving accessories like a traditional shaving soap to complement your shaving needs. These accessories will make it easier to select a razor perfect for your needs. 

You should always note how your skin reacts to the razor after trying it for the first few times because it’ll help you choose better when buying the next one. Finding a good razor may involve few trial and error processes, but eventually, you’ll get the right one.

3. Razor Weight

The razor weight is a vital factor to consider when choosing because how heavy your razor is could affect how you’d control it when shaving. The weight of your razor handle must be in proportion to your hand size. A heavier razor feels steadier at hand, and the weight will also ensure the razor works by itself, which means you don’t need to apply much pressure on it. 

Don’t buy a razor that’s too heavy or too light, and choose the one feeling comfortable when you handle it. Picking the right razor weight depends on your personal preference by judging how it feels in your hand.

4. Skin And Hair Type

You need to understand your skin and hair type to be able to select the most suitable razor. There are different types ranging from cartridge, electric, straight, and safety razors, and they’re all used for different purposes. If you’re a beginner or maybe you don’t know the type to choose, then it’s recommended to go for a mild and non-aggressive razor. 

Using a non-aggressive razor will significantly minimize aftershave effects like razor bumps. You may want to go for safety razors as well since they fit into the non-aggressive category, which makes them applicable for all skin types, including sensitive ones. If you’re sure about your skin needs, you can go for other razor types, but be meticulous with them. These types of razors should only be used under proper supervision. 

5. Razor Gaps

The gap between the razor blades determines how aggressive the shaving process will feel. The aggressiveness of razors is defined by the gap between the combs and the heads, and this means the wider the gap, the more aggressive the razor will shave. 

For safety testing, razors with fixed gaps are the best. The more spacious the gap, the more visible the razor is, which results in a sharper blade. You’ll have to be careful when using these razors since they’re sharper and they can cut into the skin, so you’ll need a very steady hand when using these.

However, you should also know razors not sharp enough are mostly responsible for nicks and cuts, so it’s not advisable to go for the blunt ones too.


No matter how experienced you are with shaving, a bad razor can make you look incompetent, which could make you self-conscious about your appearance. The ideal razor will deliver a top-notch shaving experience for your skin, so put more thought into the type of razor you use to overcome bumps, irritations, and other aftershave side effects. 

Remember, safety should be the main priority when choosing a razor for your skin. Following the tips above can guide you in choosing the razor suitable for your skin.