Basic Things That Should Be On Your Grooming Kit

While full-bearded faces are always in, it’s still best to sport a clean-shaven face. It’s not just so you can show off your looks, it’s also for hygiene purposes. It’s not practical to visit the barber weekly to get your face shaven clean. This is why it’s much better to prepare your shaving kit instead. Meanwhile, if you have a problem finding the right fashion statement that matches your character, reading the Ultimate Guide to Historical Fashion may help you.

A shaving kit includes all the essentials you need to properly shave. Whether it be your face, arms, or genital area, the kit can accommodate your needs. You can buy shaving kits in various stores but if you want to build one of your own featuring your favorite products, then it’s a must that you continue reading.

Here are the essentials you need to buy.

Shaving Razor

The shaving razor is the heart and soul of a shaving kit. How else would you shave after all? According to grooming pros from, a good razor needs to be sharp, easy to handle, and most importantly, safe to use. A good razor is what separates the nice trims from the bad ones.

When buying a shaving razor, the first thing you should look for is the one that has a sharp blade. Dull blades not only make shaving harder, it also makes it more dangerous.

When buying razors, safety should be the top standard.

Look for razors with great reviews when it comes to their sharpness as these are the ones that can give the cleanest cuts. It’s also important that your razor of choice has the perfect handle. There should be a slight curve that can help accommodate your hands for a perfect fit.

Electric Razors

Shaving razors are great when it comes to precision and clean cuts. However, it takes practice to perfect using a shaving razor. Other than that, you’ll have to spend more time shaving when doing it the traditional way.

If you find yourself pressed for time regularly, then it would be wise to invest in electric razors. While these aren’t as accurate as regular razors, they are much easier and faster to use. It’s perfect for those emergencies when you need a good trim.

Every man should have both the classic and electric razor inside his grooming kit. It’s also a must to master using these tools as well.

Face Oil

One of the common problems men face when it comes to shaving is that they get shave burns due to dry skin. A way to prevent this nasty problem is to simply invest in a face oil. While a bit on the pricey side, good face oil can make a difference when it comes to shaving.

All you need to do is rub your blade with the oil so that it stays smooth. It gives you a closer and cleaner shave while ensuring that you don’t suffer from shave burns as well. If you are using a standard razor, pick non-greasy oils like coconut and other plant oils. If you are using an electric razor, then buy oils from the same brand you are using.

Shaving Cream/Shaving Brush

Shaving Cream Shaving Brush

Shaving creams serve as a way for the blade to easily cut through the hair. What it does is that it weakens the fair on your face which makes shaving a lot less hard to do. Shaving creams are usually applied after you wash your face. Leave it on for a few minutes or so while it does the magic.

While you can apply shaving creams by hand, it’s much better to use a shaving brush instead. These allow you to get the most out of your cream and it helps you spread the cream more evenly. If you don’t have a brush yet,  just go by hand instead of using a towel.


Aftershave is used to properly sanitize your face and to treat any small nicks and cuts caused by the razor.

Before you buy aftershave, make sure that you take a look at its ingredients first. Some aftershaves include very strong chemicals that your skin might not take too kindly too. As a general rule of thumb, it’s much better to buy mild aftershaves first. If you feel it’s not doing its job, then work your way up to stronger ones.

These are basically what you need to create your shaving kit. What’s important is that you are comfortable with the products that you use. Some people have more sensitive skin so what works for you might not work for others. Always ensure that you are using products that your skin can take.