Tips for Using Hats and Scarves as Fashion Accessories

During fall and winter, two of the most favorite fashion accessories are hats and scarves from Roam Often. These two pieces don’t just serve as a pretty element for your outfit; it also serves as your protection from the elements. You can use them to showcase your style and complement the colors and patterns you want to wear. Here are some tips on how to wear your hats and scarves:

Wearing Scarves

Scarves are one of the most versatile accessories you can have in your closet. Perhaps you’ve received a lot of them as a gift and you don’t know how to use them best. Here are the basic tips to guide you:

Coordinate colors

The key to learning how to properly wear your scarves with your clothes is to know the color rules. The most important thing to remember is color harmony and matching.

  • Complementary colors – These are colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. For instance, you can match that yellow orange scarf with a dark blue top.  
  • Monochrome colors – These are different hues or shades of the same color family. For instance, you can use your violet pashmina scarf to brighten up a light lavender sweater.
  • Analogous colors – These are colors next to each other on the color wheel. If you have a blue scarf, you can wear it with a violet top or a green dress.
  • Triadic colors – These colors are evenly spaced apart on the color wheel. A bright orange red top can be accented with a blue-purple scarf and with a light yellow-green coat.
  • Tetradic colors – These are colors that use two complementary pairs. That blue and purple plaid scarf you have can be paired with an orange and yellow outfit.

Know the basic rules when it comes to solids and patterns

Since you won’t always be dealing with solid colors, be guided about the rules in mixing colors and patterns.

1. Solid + pattern

When experimenting with a scarf, you can start with something basic like dressing up a basic, solid-color top or with a patterned scarf. Choose a highlight color for your outfit, which is usually dictated by the strongest color in your scarf. After choosing a highlight color, you can complement or clash by using the color wheel.

2. Pattern + pattern

Pattern + pattern

Yes, you can play with different patterns without looking tacky. When mixing patterns with other patterns, pay attention to the scale and print size. You can pair a houndstooth scarf to a houndstooth coat in black and white, as long as you feature inverted colors or have two prints in different sizes. Look at the patterns created by the fabric. A thick knit scarf that creates a checkered pattern can look great with a checkered dress. Similar patterns can work well, but it also works with different patterns. For instance, you can pair a polka-dot top with a floral scarf, or a striped dress with a checkered scarf.

3. Color + color

When using a solid-color scarf for a solid color top or dress, consider the shades. If you’re wearing a dark shade, wrap around a scarf in a light shape. You can go monochromatic, complementary, triadic or any acceptable color combination.

4. Color + neutral

If you like wearing neutrals, it can get a little stale if you don’t add a bit of color to it using accessories like scarves. Spice up your outfit using colorful scarf. But if you still don’t like it, you can try out an earth-tone scarf with an interesting pattern or choose a subdued hue with a subtle pattern. You can keep it playful by picking scarves with interesting details like fringes.

Know what to wear a scarf with

1. Wear it with an outerwear


Scarves are often worn as a warming accessory when going out in the fall or winter. You can pair it with different outerwear, such as:

  • Leather jacket – When pairing a scarf with a leather jacket, stick to monochromatic schemes to keep the cool vibe the jacket gives.
  • Blazer – When wearing a blouse top and a blazer, go for a smaller scarf that’s comfortable to wear and can be manipulated with ties and knots. You can also choose to let it drape down your outfit. Instead of wearing the scarf around your neck or inside the jacket, drape it around the blazer collar and lapels. Just make sure the scarf matches the color of your top inside the blazer.
  • Peacoat – This is what you wear when you want to keep yourself warm, and a scarf can help you with it. Wrap a scarf around your neck to use it for your intended purpose. Knit scarves can do the trick.
  • Cape – You can still wear a scarf while wearing a closed cape. Wrap it around your neck and tuck it into the cape, but make sure it’s not completely hidden – you want it to add a touch of color and texture to your outfit.

2. Wear it with a sweater

One safe and fool-proof way to wear a scarf is to wear it with a sweater. For a sweater that’s too plain paired with basic jeans, accessorize with a patterned scarf – preferably plaid, because plaid is easy to pair with multiple outfits as well.

3. Wear it with a belt

If you want your scarf to grab attention, don’t just wrap it around your neck. Wear a neutral or monochromatic outfit and let the scarf fall in front of your outfit. Secure it in place with a skinny belt. Remember, this style must only be done with a big and long scarf, and you’d want the scarf to fall mid-thigh or above the knee.

4. Wear a scarf to add a pop of color

A scarf can amp up a simple, basic or monochromatic outfit. For instance, if you’re wearing a faded denim, long coat and a simple shirt (perhaps a plain white tee or a black-and-white striped tee), you can wear a burgundy scarf or a bright blue scarf to add an interesting element to an otherwise boring outfit. If you’re wearing an all-white or all-black outfit, you can add a colored, patterned scarf to make it even more stylish.

5. Wear a plaid scarf with skinny jeans and boots

A plaid scarf always look great with a neutral, skinny jeans or pants and a pair of ankle boots or riding boots. It’s the ultimate fall get-up that always looks right. Pair a colorful plaid scarf with a subdued and neutral-color sweater or top and coat, so the scarf will stand out. s

6. Tie a scarf to your purse


You can also use a scarf to add a pop of color to your classic handbag. It can add so much to an outfit, whether it’s casual or for work. When choosing a scarf to tie to your purse, it’s best to stick with a lighter, summer scarf or a sheer one.

Wearing Hats

When it comes to accessories, hats is the piece that more men than women wear. A lot of girls don’t wear hats because they think it doesn’t look good in them. But the truth is any woman of any color, body built and facial shape can wear a hat – just be smart in choosing the correct hat style. Here are some guidelines to help you:

Know the right types of hat that suits your figure

Yes, your body frame should be considered when you wear a hat. The size and shape of your hat must be proportional to the size and shape of your body so you’d look your best.

  • Petite – If you have a small figure, choose a low-profile hat with a low crown and small brim. Avoid wearing big hats that can overpower you and your hat.
  • Full-figured – If you have a full figure, full-brimmed hats are best for you. This can help balance the hat to your shape.
  • Tall – If you’re a tall woman, hats with wide brim and shorter crown are most flattering. Avoid wearing angular and narrow-shaped hats.

Choose the right hat for your face shape

Selecting the most appropriate style of hat for your face shape can help you look good and feel more confident. First, determine if your face shape is oval, round, heart, square, diamond, pear, rectangular or oblong. Here’s how to know your face shape and the hats most fitting to you:

1. Oval shape

An oval face has a length equal to 1 ½ times the width of your face. This shape is narrower at the jaw line than the temples, with a rounded hair line. With this face shape, you can wear almost any style of hat. Just make sure that the crown of the hat is not narrower than the cheekbones.

2. Round shape

A round-shaped face is around twice as wide as it is long, with a round chin and a round hairline. The widest point on a round-shaped face is at the cheeks and ears. The best styles for a round-shaped face are hats that add fullness at the height and crown. Choose hats that have sharp lines, high brims, tall crowns and asymmetrical shapes. Avoid wearing rounded and circular-shaped hats.

3. Heart shape

A heart-shaped face has a wide forehead with a distinctive heart-shaped hairline. It’s narrow at the jaw line and wide at the cheekbones, then narrows to a small chin. For heart-shaped faces, medium-brimmed hats are ideal, because they won’t emphasize the forehead or the narrow chin. Hats with asymmetrical brims are also a great choice. Avoid wearing small-brimmed hats because they can make your forehead appear bigger, and also avoid wide-brimmed hats as they can make your chin look narrower.

4. Diamond shape

A diamond-shaped face is widest at the cheekbones, with a narrow forehead and a narrow chin. This shape is a combination of a heart and an oval. Like an oval face, almost any style of hat works with this shape.

5. Square shape

A square shape face has a square hairline and a strong, square jawline. The length of the face is about its width. People with square faces must choose hats that sit high on the forehead so the bottom half of the face would appear elongated. Choose feminine hats with curvy lines to counter the squareness, and you can also pick round and asymmetrical hats to contrast the sharp jawline. Avoid wearing flat-top hats or tapered crown hats.

6. Oblong/rectangular shape

This face shape comes with a forehead about the same width just below the cheekbones. People with an oblong face shape usually have a very high forehead or a very narrow chin. Overall, the face appears long and slender. Your best picks for a hat are wide ones with short crowns. Hats with curled or floppy brims, or wide-brimmed hats also look great. It helps if you pull the brim of your hat down to your eyebrows to shorten your face. Avoid hats with narrow brims and high crowns, as these styles can make your face look even longer.

7. Pear shape

A pear-shaped face is widest at the jaw, characterized with a round chin and a narrow forehead. The best hat style for this face shape are those with a full crown and wide brim to draw attention to the upper part of the face. Avoid wearing hats with tapered crowns, because these can emphasize an already wide jaw.

Know what to wear certain hats with

There are different types of hats, but here we will discuss the best ways to wear the hat styles that are most fashionable and always in season.

1. Wide-brim hats

Wide brim hats – especially those in colors like brown, gray, navy blue, burgundy, rust and olive green – are always in fashion. They are accessories that add color and dimension to fall outfits. If you’ve got a structured hat, match it with flowy dresses or bohemian-style tops. Warm-colored brim hats can look great with leather pieces like bags, jackets or boots in brown tones. Rust and brown hats look especially more fitting with a cool-toned dress or top, or a creamy blazer. A body bag with a narrow strap suits a wide-brimmed hat well. Keep your hair down in a casual manner or have some loose curls.

A black wide-brim hat is very versatile. You can go for an all-black ensemble and add a pop of color with a patterned scarf or brightly colored body bag. You can also dress up a black hat with a wool coat in lighter hues. Match it with your belt or shoes for a polished, clean look.

2. Floppy hat

Floppy hats are chic-looking hats great for outdoor activities. If you want to don a floppy hat, buy one that coordinates well with your outerwear so it won’t look out of place. Since it’s floppy, it’s best to pair it with something form-fitting, like a body-hugging top or a dress.

3. Beanie knit hat

A good beanie hat is often made of cashmere, which is probably the coziest material you can wear on your head. It’s great for outdoor activities because of its no-fuss style, and it’s also a good accessory to keep yourself warm. This casual wear looks best if you let your hair down or style it in a loose, side braid. There’s no need to pair it with any glamorous makeup, hairdo or jewelry because the hat will look out of place. It will look best with an oversized sweater, a warm jacket, wool leggings and sturdy outdoor boots for an outdoorsy vibe.

4. Beret hat

There’s something statement-making about a beret hat, since it has always been chic, sophisticated and fashionable. It’s best to choose one in a bold color like red if you’re going to use it as an accessory, or you can go for a clean look with white or ivory. This classic hat style calls for a classy outfit and classic makeup. A simple black eyeliner and red lipstick is the perfect makeup for this hat. You can wear it with your office attire such as black shift dresses and pumps to add a chic vibe. Wear this hat slightly forward on the head and tilted to one side for a Parisian look. If you want to go for a youthful look, wear it back on the head.

5. Baseball hats

This fashion accessory borrowed from men’s fashion has made a comeback. This is a hat great for running errands or for a simple, casual day out. It’s best to pair with a graphic tee or a sweater. It’s also a great way to accessorize a plain white shirt and jeans combo. This is great to wear with sneakers, or you can amp it up with boots. This hat also looks great when paired with large gold hoop earrings or a jumpsuit. It’s best worn in a ponytail, braid or you can simply let your hair down.