5 Interesting facts about the fashion Industry

The fashion industry has been around for centuries. Be it textiles, designing, modeling, retail, sales, advertising or promotion, your life has been influenced by this vast spread and globalized industry. Past fashion trends birth the newer ones, so it helps to know where fashion was before you can know where it is going.

Doesn’t matter your age or gender, someday sometime you must have thought what you could do to get noticed in the crowd, to stand out, to get that decent word of appreciation about how you look. Maybe you even have considered starting your own business or stepping into a multinational company in the fashion industry. Before you dive in any further, here are some interesting facts about the industry.

5 Interesting facts about the fashion Industry

1. It keeps on evolving and is not about just clothes!

Fashion has always been a dynamic concept. What is “in-fashion” today might be “outdated” tomorrow! With that said, the industry has to cope-up with this ever-changing and evolving nature of fashion to be in sync with the trends.

You might be surprised by how quickly fashion trends can change. You just saw a red-carpet celebrity wear something- or had a fancy haircut- and you just had to try it. Next thing you know, it is the next leather-jacket-thing like in the 1950s! Everyone just has to have it, post pictures with it, it soon becomes a hashtag and goes trending!

It is not all only about the clothes though. Your first impression is as much your face as it is your clothing. Make-up industry and hairstylists have been around since a long time and still considered very important aspects of your appearance!  You can view current trends in hairstyles and find what suits you the most at Therighthairstyles.

2. Not just about modeling

The fashion industry does not consist only of models or their dress designers! Did you know, every 6th person on this planet is related to the fashion industry? Crazy, right? However difficult it is to believe; it is pretty much the case.

From straight up models and fashion designers to multi-national fashion brands to drought-hit cotton farmers; everyone has some contribution to this industry or more. This makes the fashion industry one of the biggest contributors to the economy and has more employment in many huge industries like construction.

This also means that it has a great impact on the economy whenever a big change is observed in the industry. For example, if there are no new trends on which the companies can capitalize, the whole industry sees a negative impact and thus can shape economies of entire nations!

3. It’s not just feminine game anymore

It was long believed that the fashion industry was formed and meant to be only around the dressing, make-up and accessories of women; but wait! That belief is one that has to go. With the rate of increase in sales (by volume) overtaking that of women fashion, men’s fashion industry is not something you can overlook.

With leading personnel in sports, athletics and almost every popular field earning a chunk of money by advertising a brand of skin-whitening cream or a hair-glowing shampoo, it is very clear that men are not to be taken lightly when it comes to spending money on their own looks.

4. Money Money Money!

Yes. The fashion industry is pretty much about money and beyond. But exactly how much?

It’s a hell lot more than you can possibly imagine. With the fashion industry being not limited to a country or a continent, this global industry is worth more than the GDP of the United Kingdom- and more than twice that of Canada! How about that?!

You surely have no idea how much money actually is spent on the marketing and advertisement of cosmetics, clothing and accessories of big brands.

Also, one interesting fact, in spite of all this, did you know that one of the biggest fashion company of all time, Zara, almost spends no money on marketing or advertisement? Still, the owner of Zara has worth more than 60 Billion dollars!

Everything about the fashion industry, when it comes to money, is on either side of extremities. More you dig into it, more chances you are going to be blown by the facts!

5. Fashion and Water??

This might sound pretty absurd, but yes- they are pretty much related. Cotton- the most widely used raw material for making fabrics- takes a lot of water to grow. A pair of jeans takes more than 7000 liters of water to make, from raw material production to fabrics processing and dying-it’s a long and tedious process and consumes a lot of water at every stage!

With water being one of the most important resources for human life, and being looked over very seriously by environmental enthusiasts, such huge amounts of consumption in an industry where everything is ‘you can live without’-and water-you definitely can’t live without; it is a rising concern in the modern world.

The fashion industry is is a large and growing one – check out the historical revenue and growth of the fashion industry:

Global Revenue of the Fashion Industry