Everything you need to know about surgical vagina rejuvenation

The vagina is an elastic canal with a tender adaptable lining that delivers lubrication and sensation. The vagina is also the opening of the uterus.

The surgical vagina is known as vagina reconstruction or rejuvenation.

If you want to know what vagina reconstruction is all about, read on as this article deals with everything you need to know. Including the how, the why, the types, and of course side effects.

Types of vagina surgery.

There are three major types of vaginal surgery and they all differ. Below are the three types of Vagina surgeries.

1. Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty refers to the tightening of the vagina. The vagina is an elastic muscular canal that could become loose as a result of childbirth. A patient may require a vaginoplasty for various reasons according to her discretion. However, many women request the tightening of their vagina to increase sensitivity during sexual intercourse.

2. Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty refers to the surgical process of reshaping the labia. The Labia is the lip-like fold of skin in your lady area. A request for a reshaping of the labia is often to build self-esteem and to make for easier and more comfortable workouts.

3. Vulvaplasty

The vulva is the exterior opening of the female genitalia. Vulvaplasty which is in certain forms similar to labiaplasty is the reshaping of the vulva. See here for the best vaginal rejuvenation near me.

The need for vaginal surgery.

Surgery in the vagina is undergone for a plethora of reasons. It is not only to heighten sensitivity during intercourse as most people may believe, but there are also a lot of underlying factors regarding women’s health that require surgery in the vagina.

1. Cancer Survivors

Women who have survived vaginal cancer often require a couple of twitches in their vagina to aid childbirth, easier menstrual flow, and pleasurable intercourse.

2. Trauma Survivors

Women who have survived assault or rape often require vaginal stitches and scraping for vaginal injuries as a result of the force the rapist may have exacted upon its victim.

3. Childbirth tears

For most women, a tear during childbirth is inevitable, usually because of the size of the baby. A full surgery or a couple of stitches may be needed to restore the vagina to its normal shape.

4. Aesthetic purpose

Vaginal surgery is undergone to improve the appearance of labor and/or vulva.

5. Pleasurable sexual intercourse

A tightening of the vagina is often key to pleasurable sexual activity for most couples.

Side effect of surgical vigina/vaginal  reconstruction.

After a vaginal surgery, recovery is often watching three to five days, however, the patient wouldn’t be able to participate in sexual activity for about two months.

Vaginal surgery has side-effects. These side effects are often communicated to the patient before the surgery.

A couple of these side effects may include:

  1. Heightened risk of infection: In the recovery time, the vagina if not properly taken care of through strict hygiene principles, could get infected.
  2. Scars: Scars from stitches are not exactly avoidable. The vagina or labia area may have permanent scars from vaginal surgery.
  3. Negative reaction to anesthesia: The patient may have unfavorable reactions to the anesthesia administered during surgery. However, cases of this are really rare.
  4. Loss of sexual feeling: Contrary to public opinion that a Tighter Vagina would enable a couple of experiences better sex lives, this may not be true for the woman. The tightening may cause extremely painful penetration or neutral emotions during sex. She may not be able to reach orgasm


If you need a vaginal reconstruction of whatsoever, endeavor to speak to and seek the medical advice of a trusted and professional gynecologist.