Everything You Need To Know About CBD Creams And Lotions

CBD products are amassing larger audiences by the day, as people begin to see the medically-backed benefits said products provide. Thinking about purchasing CBD cream and lotion? Below are facts you should know about—- what are they? What do they do? And how can they benefit you?

What Is CBD? 

Cannabidiol is one of the two main compounds that can be extracted from either hemp or marijuana. The other compound being THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. It is among cannabis’ elements that have been found to have benefits towards one’s health. 

Cannabidiol Function And Movement 

Both CBD and THC travel towards the central nervous system and there, be bound to serotonin receptors. The reason behind this is is that their make-up is comparable to that of endocannabinoids, a naturally occurring molecule in the body (endocannabinoids are largely responsible for regulating many bodily processes).

Due to CBD and THC’s similarity to endocannabinoids, receptors can readily absorb them. Only, CBD is less able to bind to these receptors, unlike THC. Thus, it requires the presence of THC in order for it to successfully interact with neurotransmitter receptors. 

What Does CBD Do? 

This non-psychoactive compound of cannabis has the capacity to affect, or more importantly, “influence” numerous primary hormones. In this context, we’ll zero-in on how it influences melatonin and cortisol, and what this means for your overall well-being. 

Hormone Balance And Imbalance: Cortisol And Melatonin

Cortisol, frequently referred to as the “stress hormone”, is also commonly tagged as the “fight or flight response”. When your bodily systems receive messages that you are under stress or duress, they will respond by releasing cortisol into your bloodstream. 

This steroid hormone acts as a kind of “pump”, as it increases your blood pressure and heart rate. On one hand, this is good for those once-in-a-blue-moon moments when you need an extra kick to think or move your body in greater haste and efficiency than normal. On the other, too much, and too-consistent release of said stress hormone will wear your brain and body down and out. 

Hence, the presence of chronic anxiety and chronic stress. 

Now, melatonin is a hormone produced as a part of one’s natural “body clock”. When it gets dark (nighttime), your CNS understands this to be time for sleep. Therefore, melatonin is released as an agent for inducing sleep. Or it tries to encourage you to sleep. 

Cortisol And Melatonin Versus CBD

What do these hormones have to do with CBD? Cortisol and melatonin are adjacently linked. High melatonin equals low cortisol and vice versa. But sometimes, body-function instability or environmental stressors cause cortisol to shoot up more often then it should. For longer bouts than normal. 

This leads to stress, and anxiety caused by stress. Many people turn to synthetic products for managing stress and stress-related bodily conditions. Here’s the turnaround: 

CBD is a natural product that may alleviate anxiety and stress. It’s been proven time and time again. Today, more studies are being conducted on other diseases CBD may combat. 

Why CBD Topicals? 

…because they are excellent combatants against anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stress should never be understated. They are much more than feeling “tired” or burnt out”. They can become debilitating to your day-to-day routine, and may lead to a series of disorders from heart disease, high blood pressure, mental instability, depression, and the like. 

With CBD lotion and CBD oil, you can get a headstart of “prevention”, instead of aiming for “cure” when said disorders worsen. By following the recommended dosage according to your health condition, and according to the product’s CBD and THC potency, you can effectively let these cannabis products fight against components that bring about anxiety and stress.

…because they’re non-invasive 

The liver and related organs can only metabolise so much of the chemicals you ingest, especially when it comes to medications. Constantly relying on synthetic medications for chronic anxiety, stress, and/or bodily pain may overwork them to the point of causing their deterioration. 

Monitored use of a safe dosage of CBD lotions and creams can avoid this situation. Topicals are absorbed from the exterior, into the skin, and then to the muscles and tissues within. You won’t be overburdening your liver. 

…because they are excellent even in targeting localized pain

Medical experts attest to the fact that topicals are effective in their application regarding pain-localization. Where conventional pills and tablets are absorbed into your bloodstream as a whole, a CBD cream or lotion can be applied specifically to the area affected. 

For instance, patients who experience nausea and dizziness due to stress can apply CBD topicals on the specific regions of their temples and/or nape to alleviate pain. Muscles that are sore and joints that are inflamed can be treated in this manner as well. 

…because they’re easy to apply and are conveniently portable 

CBD salves are carry-ons, anywhere you go. Whether you’re at home or at the office, bodily pains can be promptly attended to with a few dabs of CBD topicals. 

…because they work almost immediately 

For bodily pains such as migraines, muscle strain, etc. CBD can instantly act on pain receptors. And as you can spread the cream or salve directly on the region of the skin that’s affected, you will just as instantly witness its workings faster that you would, generic pills and tablets. 

This is all the more true for localized pain found nearest the skin’s surface.

…because they are soothing on the skin

A benefit that is quite unique to CBD topicals. Besides their efficacy for pain and stress-relief, they are soothing on the skin. Call it an add-on to an already incredible list of benefits they bring.

…because they’re calming and relaxing 

It isn’t merely about the “high” that THC provides. Remember, CBD is in the picture, too. Although THC, being the psychoactive component that it is, is potent in fresh herbs (hence, the “high”), CBD contents in topicals gel well with serotonin for a more lasting mood-enhancement.

It amplifies the way the central nervous system typically responds to the said feel-good hormone. CBD creams may not necessarily give you that euphoric high that vaping cannabis does. Having said that, you will feel your mood being uplifted as it amps up the effects of serotonin.