Six interesting facts about London Fashion Week

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Fashion is a big business in the United Kingdom. It is said to contribute a massive £26bn to the UK economy every year, while around 800,000 people are employed thanks to the clothing business.

Given its financial significance, it is no big surprise that London Fashion Week is highly esteemed in Britain. It is one of the Big Four fashion weeks, along with the New York, Milan, and Paris, and takes place in London twice a year.

New York Fashion Week first took place in 1943 before Milan and Paris began in 1958 and 1973 respectively. And finally, London also joined the party, with its first event taking place in 1984.

Despite being the youngest, London made great progress in a short time and now it is not any less prestigious than the others. In terms of income, it is the second-highest of all, bringing in a huge £269m every season compared to Paris’ £58m and Milans’ £44.6m. If we talk about popularity, London Fashion Week is the cause of 105,000 visitors to the capital, which is far higher than the figures of Paris (30,000) and Milan (22,500).

Annette Worsley-Taylor’s role

The London Fashion Week was first organised by Annette Worsley-Taylor in a west London car park in 1984. The British fashion entrepreneur later received an MBE for services to London Fashion Week.

Margret Thatcher’s attendance

Fashion shows were not very developed and modern by 1986 and these events didn’t look to attract dignitaries and the higher class.

However, everyone was hugely surprised when the then-Prime Minister Margret Thatcher attended the 1986 edition of London Fashion Week and even stayed there for the whole week. This way, Margret proved that the event wasn’t only for the middle class but also the VIPs could be attracted to it.

Blogging community and London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is famous for its support of the blogging community. It is said that they allowed some 2000 bloggers in 2014 to air the show to the whole world.

These bloggers were permitted to share the videos and photographs of the show through their websites and online journals.

Its influence

The London Fashion Week is credited with launching the careers of some of the top designers in the world. Even its first organised event saw the debut of John Galliano, who was named the fifth most influential person in British culture, as per a BBC poll.

Galliano presented his first collection Les Incroyables, which was inspired by the French Revolution and received very good reviews.

The popular British event is also responsible for launching the careers of highly influential designers Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney.

Victoria Beckham’s debut

Victoria Beckham is a famous television personality and English singer who first rose to prominence as a member of the pop girl group Spice Girls. Victoria, who is married to former star footballer David Beckham, is also known as an internationally recognized style icon and fashion designer.

She made her debut as a model at the London Fashion Week in February 2000. Wearing a pair of tiny satin hot pants, Posh Spice modeled for her favourite designer Maria Grachvogel.

Her presence at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington was greeted with approval and applause from the spectators, and her appearance also grabbed headlines in the media.

Naomi Campbell’s fall

Naomi Campbell is a big name in the fashion world. She is one of the few models of her generation who was declared supermodels by the fashion industry.

One of the most memorable moments of her career came in 1993 during the Vivienne Westwood catwalk show when she lost her footing and fell over in her platform blue heels. Despite her fall, Naomi managed to remain graceful and smiling.