Movies that changed the way we look at classy fashion

When Hollywood became very popular in creating movies during the 1930s, the actors became idols and role models for the audiences. This slowly became one of the major fashion trendsetters and not only Paris-based fashion houses. Local designers used the Hollywood movie platform to showcase their designs and loyal fans were often thrilled to wear items they’d seen on their movie idols. The clothes or even hairstyle was worn by the screen idols both on and off-screen catches the attention of the audiences worldwide and moviegoers or watchers launched several fashion trends with inspiration from these movie stars.

The Hollywood influence on fashion started decades ago and is still very influential in our world today. As many fans and designers worldwide use the fashion of movie stars as inspiration for their fashion trend and classy fashion in general.

Top movies that influenced our outlook on classy fashion

Annie Hall

His movie was released in 1977 the theme of the movie is characteristic of a classic movie with actress Woody Allen as an influential fashion icon. The character traits of the actress were different and because she was different and considered weird, and her fashion sense different from any other female actors shown in other movies, the movie went mainstream. In the movie, she wore whatever she wanted to wear disregarding the season and the minimalist nature of her fashion is even still common during our time. The fans of this movie were thrilled by Allen’s fashion style most of whom tried to emulate her style. Besides wearing whatever she wanted, the whole idea of wearing whatever you want or see fit and even some gender inspired outfits inspired a generation of people who feel confident in wearing whatever they see fit.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Almost everything about the character of Audrey Hepburn in the movie was the launch of fashion trends. From her blonde streaked hair, grey sweater look, the blue jeans, oversized glasses, the beige trench coat, and all her dress, were fashion statements. Her character and the type of clothes made for her in the movie gave the audience a sense of approachability with very fancy clothing, the blended styles made it even more captivating to the audience. And even her casual outfits were made to look fashionable, not just down dressing. This movie greatly influenced the movie industry and even how people see classy fashion. It was released in 1961 and so many styles in the movie are still very much common in our world of fashion today.

Casino Royale

This was a 2006 movie that told the story of how James Bond became who he was, without the common plot-driven Bond tale, but rather focused on the character. In this movie, the refined male fashion style portrayed in the movie has inspired so many people. His clothes were all selected based on where he was and what he was doing, However, for Casino Royal, a renowned designer was able to use creative arts to bring the fashion theme of the movie to fruition and made the story all about Bond.

And. How he became himself through his clothes. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, watch it and get inspired, the fashion sense in the movie was top-notch and many fans worldwide and designers have launched several trends inspired by the classy fashion in this movie. We see Bond go from a carefree cocky blunt instrument to a suave polished, refined and capable agent. What was thrilling about Bond’s character in the movie is that anywhere he went, he dressed accordingly.

There was a scene in the movie that stands out when he arrives in the Bahamas, he wears a grey linen suit and pairs it with a short sleeve shirt and does not wear a tie. Of course, this casual way of putting together a suit was eye-catching and shows how he blended his outfit into the setting. Because in Casino Royale Bond is still unrefined, the movie shows how he transitioned into his more mature and sleek style.

In movies, casino scenes are always where all the glitz and the glamor of fashion is displayed. Most of these scenes always almost have the same dress code, with men in sleek refined suits and women in classy short dresses or suits as well. These all look the same because casinos worldwide have the same dress code and all visitors in ground-based casinos are required to follow the dress code. This is not any different when it comes to casinos in Norway. However, Norwegian live casinos are stifled by a lot of government control and a majority of Norwegians prefer betting online than at brick and mortar locations.

The Great Gatsby

This movie is an adaptation with movie star Leonardo Dicaprio. It was released in 2013 and was a remarkable production of costume design and production design. In the movie, the 20s were taken and presented in a very stylish and exciting, and somewhat surreal way that resonated so well with the audience. The movie was characterized by fringed clothing and after its release when it went global, there was an increase in fringe clothing sales and even women’s chin length hairstyles that displayed how the romanticization of this period worked.

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl was a TV show released in 2007. And it portrayed the crazy obsession with rich teenagers’ problems in the 2000s. The movie told the stories of the sufferings and the misfortune of millionaire teenagers, who’s whole lives changed when a guy arrived from a new neighborhood. The movie was a reflection of the glamourous lives of rich teenagers living in California and New York. The movie was fun of the 2000s fashion aesthetics and style. With the girls wearing ferrets, full earrings, and men wearing jackets and shirts with vertical stripes and even raised collar. Gossip Girl, unlike many other TV shows with this storyline, focused its interest more on the glamor of wearing mini skirts with thigh-high boots. Many female fans were obsessed with this style and soon after the show was released, you could see girls around the world dressing like that.