Dance Fashion For 2021

Ballroom dancing and ballet are the two types of dance that are the ultimate performance for passion. All things dance begins with the basics taught in these two genres. If you are a performer or an instructor, you keep a close eye on the fashion trends. While they’re usually pretty close, sometimes fashion does not keep us with the day-to-day requirements for the people in the dance world.

We will review the top dance fashion selections for 2021. It is going to be a colorful and exciting year.


Peplums have always been a dance attire favorite. Peplum leotards have a ruffle that flares out from the lower waist. In the photo above, you can see how this look adds sex appeal to the daring mock back of the leotard.

You will see this look a lot this year. These leotards are sexy with they are not embellished, Look for long sleeves with scooped necklines or off the shoulder designs. Look to the collection at Just For Kix for more selections.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are always welcome in the dance studio. The Leopards, tigers, and zebra prints are just a few of the trending dancewear pieces for 2021. Leotards look exotic and chic and tights make the legs look like they go on forever. For an on the go outfit when leaving the studio, add a pair of jeans to a long sleeve leotard and top the look off with a faux leather jacket and boots.

Tea Length gowns

Tea length dresses and gowns are the trending look for elegance and understated charm. Some of the dresses have a sexy leg split and the high-low hem is making an appearance. This gives the look of elegance while allowing the dancer and audience to see her steps.

For the last two seasons, tea-length dresses have been the trend in Europe. Some are trimmed with a ruffle and the hem climbs to the thigh on one leg. This is a daring look that works well with ballroom dancing. This is a look that flatters dancers of all ages.

You will see a lot of tulle skirts combined with tight and soft blouses or leotards. You can take the tulle to just below the knee for a tea-length illusion. The skirt stands out instead of down, with ballerina flats you have the perfect dance outfit for anywhere you go.


For a while manufacturers were talking about black and white colors for 2021. The dancers had other ideas. Early on, orders were coming in for deep and rich colors. Deep, peacock blue, warm honey, and royal purple took over and black and white is being worn one shade at a time. A classic black leotard with a silky skirt or the same in solid white always works.


Long hair is always beautiful when it is styled correctly for the dance being performed. The ballerina bun is a bun with a long braid encircling it. It is an easy but chic hairstyle.

The braided bun works better for a dancer with thick hair. Sectioning the hair and braiding each section is done first and then wrapping all of the braids together in a bun is really a fun look.

Of course, French braids and ponytails are always a good choice. Keep all of your hair off of your face and secure your ponytail with a swept up style when you are ready to perform.

Dance studios will be alive with color, music, and romance. This is the year for love. On the other end of the spectrum is the edgy, modern look which you will experience with Hip Hop genres. So, get to your computer and get your order for this year on its way. You will be glad you didn’t wait. After all, summer is fast approaching.