Why it’s Important to Use Neogen Pad to Exfoliate Your Skin

While exfoliation is not the most enjoyable part of skin care routine, it normally gives your skin a deep clean that it regularly needs. And if you are you are looking for a simple, quick and gentle exfoliation way that gets rid of all the debris and the dead skin, you need to opt for neogen bio peel gentle gause peeling pads. These pads not only come with physical crisscrossed designs but also have chemical forms of exfoliation that will help you get a brighter, softer skin that doesn’t strip your face of moisture that it seriously needs.

In fact, from mothers to sisters, brothers to fathers, everyone is just intrigued by these pads but who can blame them? Neogen pad is not only effective but also fun and super easy to use. Coming in three different pads, they provide both chemical and physical exfoliation and strive to leave your skin fresh, glowing, and full of antioxidants benefits. This means they are ideal for anyone who has a more sensitive skin that requires soothing exfoliation with anti-acne benefits. Besides receiving exfoliation from a pimple fighting tea tree oil, this green tea works in such a way that it brightens your skin.

How to use them well

So now that you know what they are, it’s important to know how to use them. Remember, the key to seeing better results with these pads is using them the right way and at the right time.  First, they should not be applied for any other use apart from exfoliating the skin after the skin has been cleansed well. This means they are not ideal as general cleansing products or something that can be used to remove the makeup. You cannot use them instead of makeup pads. Although the formula is good enough for any sensitive skin,   it does not have any ingredient that can help in removing the makeup. More so, since Neogen pad has some acid, it’s not recommended to wipe them on your eyes.

Instead of using it as a cleansing product, use it after you’ve cleansed your skin well before using a toner. You just need to think of them as an extra exfoliator that scrubs the skin cells and prepares them to better receive the nutrients. You also need to take advantage of the facts that they are double sided. The first step is to slip your finger inside and ensure that the grittier gauze is facing you. Next, gently wipe your face while ensuring that every nooks and cranny that hold clogged cells and blackheads are reached.

Next, flip it to ensure that the soft side is facing you. Flip your finger inside and start using it. Since it’s made with a formulated fabric, it helps to remove leftover debris. After wiping the skin, you can also pat the quilted side to ensure that formula gets inside well.


While these pads are some of the best in the market, you need to understand how to use them. Overall, never use them as a make-up remover, use both sides and make sure you wash off the formula after using them. By doing this, you’ll not only have an awesome result but your skin will also feel great.