How Can A Cleaner Screen Reduce Digital Eye Strain?

Our world has slowly moved towards digital media and is now at a point where we’re often sat across from a screen even at school. While it has improved the quality of life significantly, it has also brought with itself a wide array of problems that weren’t there previously. This may include various health issues including sleeping disorders among children ad adults, people have started taking medication like ADD medicine, and visit a doctor often. Among these is the stress that comes with exposure to screens which then causes its own problems, some serious like conversion disorder, and some only minor like digital eye strain.

What is digital eye strain?

The discomfort you feel after you’ve been staring at your screen for two hours or more is what is termed as digital eye strain. Simply put, it is the strain on our eyes brought about by exposure to digital media. This includes the hours we spend watching television, browsing our phones, and playing games on our computers. Symptoms of eyestrain are redness or dryness in the eye, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain.

Causes of digital eye strain

Digital eye strain has many causes, it can’t be blamed on one isolated event. One of the main reasons is, as stated above, the prolonged exposure to the screens of electronic devices. Another cause is the bad angle at which we hold those screens, they’re often positioned in a way that brings strain not only to our eyes but also our neck because we have to adjust our heads in a bad posture to use them. Blue light is another cause, it is emitted by digital devices and is known to cause more strain on the eye than colors of longer wavelengths. Digital eye strain can also be exacerbated in adults who wear prescription eyewear since that sort of eyewear is not made to be used for viewing mid-distance screens etc.

Dirty screens and eye strain

A lesser-known cause is dirty screens. We often don’t even notice that our screens are dirty because we are so used to them being that way. What we don’t realize is that the dust on our screens causes the resolution of the screen to go down. This makes the images less crisp and we have to struggle more to be able to see them. The dust also makes us think that the screen is darker than it actually is. Dirtier screens also result in more glare which further adds to the stress our eyes feel when having to focus on it. Fingerprint smudges are also harmful to our eyes since they make our eyes work harder to focus on the image and that will lead to us having headaches. This even goes with your normal eyewear as well whether it be for eyesight purpose, sports glasses or anything that has to connect with eyes should be kept clean and clear.

Cracks on the screen or on the screen protector also have an effect similar to smudges on our screens. They make it harder to focus and sometimes distort the images on our devices so that we struggle twice as much to look at it.

When your eyes find it hard to focus on your screen, your body will automatically try to make it easier for your eyes by altering your posture to a position where seeing becomes easier. You will find yourself reflexively hunching forward, thereby making the pain in your shoulders and neck worse.

How to clean your screen

Cleaning a computer’s screen doesn’t seem an immense enough task for you to need instructions for it, but it’s always best to look it up to be even more certain.

First off, make sure your screen is off. This assists you in seeing whatever dust there is on the screen. Second, spray a window or surface cleaner onto a clean fiber cloth. It is crucial to know that you’re never supposed to spray the cleaner onto the screen itself directly. It’s also important that you don’t use paper towels or abrasive cloth that can damage your screen. Use a lint-free fabric that leaves no dust on the screen and doesn’t scratch it either. Don’t apply too much pressure to the screen, keep a soft but firm hand. Circular motions make it better and easier to clean the screen.


Living in the age where each fashion trends whether it be vintage or modest fashion, is adopted at priority, where smart gadgets have taken over our lives, maintaining health has become a challenge. Talking particularly for eyecare, there are several ways to decrease eye strain, keeping your screen clean is only one of them. We should also follow the prescribed guidelines for sitting across from a screen and keep a safe distance from it. Our posture should be straight. Glare should be minimal. This can be achieved by positioning your laptop in a way that the sun doesn’t fall directly on the screen. Use antiglare glass for added protection.

Although eyestrain in itself might not seem like such a big deal to you, it leads to many more serious conditions including blindness.