Top 10 Military Haircuts that Never Go Out of Fashion

Classy but clean. If this phrase ever hits up your mind when you want to style your hair, just order a military haircut at the barbershop and you will be all ready. The military has truly defined what it looks like to be a gentleman while making it aesthetic with a set of khaki pants and military vests.

For sure, many men like these haircuts because of the fact that they are simple, graceful, and show elegance among men. Try out one of the military haircuts sometime and you will surely not regret it.

Induction Cut

As the name goes, the induction cuts are for the newly enrolled juniors in the army. Many felt that this was way too much because, in this kind of a haircut, the inducted soldiers had a length of about an inch or a bit higher. It was introduced to overcome the problem of lice that were found in the newly inducted soldiers.

It looks very appealing to those who have square or oval-shaped faces and gives a bit of a mature look too. The benefit? There is no maintenance required for this haircut… not even a comb. The induction cut looks even better if you have a stubble beard.

A freshly inducted military personnel getting their induction haircut.

The Crew Cut

It appears that the soldiers have crossed their induction stage. So now, it’s time for the crew cut. Perhaps, one of the most trending cuts for keeping short hair is “The Crew Cut”.  The crew cut allows for more hair than an induction cut but no longer than two inches. To ensure that styling can be done, the front part is kept with some extra length.

The back and sides are kept smaller. They appear to look cool when you are working in the corporate environment and want to present the image of a gentleman. It adds more definition to the face shape as well which is a good reason why you can try out this haircut next time.

High and Tight

We have seen this haircut to present a definitive image to those who have had them. With the haircut being neat and allowing for a fuss-free styling, it has very short sides, but a bit of volume is given to the top which gives it the name “High and Tight”.

Many barbers have said that they have seen an increasing demand for the high and tight haircut. The nice tight fade is surely getting popular. Note that you must always focus on decently maintaining the high part and should not be too high else the face would give an odd oval look.

The high and tight haircut.


The fade cut has been popular since 2015 and has not been out of fashion ever since. For this reason, we believe it could be a hot style for this year as well. The fade requires an almost close to bald cut at one of the sides or both sides such that the skin underneath the hair is fairly visible while the top of the head has hair in volume. The fade also needs to be done on the back.

Surprisingly, fade cuts have been one of the most popular trends in teenagers more than it is for the army men. In the army, one may be required to limit the volume of hair on the top of the head, but you can decide on a suitable amount of hair as per your style and preferences.

The fade is one of the most popular military hair trends found in public as well.

Regulation Cut

In simple terms, the regulation cut requires you to regulate your hair and balance them appropriately on either side. The hair on the sides and the head are relatively in balance and with a short to medium length. However, it requires you to part the sides with the help of a comb and makes a fairly visible line.

It looks neat and gives away the ideal corporate feeling that one might require at all the office works. This type of hairstyle has been used in the military at the even higher levels or positions. One thing to note is you should consider a hairspray, wax, or a gel to hold the hair in this position because there are chances that due to volume, the hair might not stay in one place.

The IVY League

The name truly depicts this style as the perfect military haircut. Right after World War II, this style became common and still is, especially for the case of US Marines. For its well-presented appearance, the IVY League is a hairstyle for the top officers and higher military personnel while the juniors do not keep such a style.

The hair on the top should be long enough such that it can be styled onto a side while the hair on the back and sides is relatively shorter. Clean-shave and beard, both work well with this kind of a haircut. Comb it every day and visit your barber at least once in a month so as to perfectly maintain this style.

The Flat Top Style

Over the years, due to the fade style being popular, the Flat Top hairstyle has also become a popular military haircut being practiced by the public. If you are the one who is rough and tough with a hard-as-nail personality, the flat top style is what you need as a further compliment to your style. It is a bold look and one of the rarest ones, be it the military or the general public.

All your barber needs to do is to get your hair stood upright and then cut them horizontally balancing out the length of each hair which gives them a “flat” look. Sometimes, you can go for a flat top style with a fade while other times, mild hair are also fine. However, be aware of the fact that the flat top style may not be a very easy one to manage because it requires a perfectly balanced hair top.

The Army Cut

Also known as the Military Cut, this one gives you the real army vibe. If you are among those who were impressed by the military hairstyles of the past, the army cut is all that you need. It is just like the regulation cut style where the hair length is medium, but the extra part is that you can keep it any way you want, plus, you have to apply some gel on your hair.

The gel would give the hair a shiny look and hold them like they are. You will make yourself a true vintage soldier if you are able to give your hair the extra gloss that this style requires. Many of you might be able to try this one out at your home with simple styling. Go for it!


The Butch Cut

For those who want to give themselves a serious masculine look, the Butch Cut is for them. What’s even better about the Butch Cut is the fact that it is a quite low maintenance option. All you need is to ask your barber to set the clippers to grade zero. The Butch Cut is the shorter version of a crew cut where the hair is short all over but more on to the sides as compared to the top.

Neat, easy to maintain, and requires no styling products at all. This haircut will suit the men who are actively looking to be the true military man. However, since hair growth is quite fast, we recommend that you visit your barber once every two weeks so as to get back to the original length of your hair.  Other than that, try using a hair oil once in two weeks to ensure your hair has a healthy growth.

A Shaved Head

Yes! It may come to you as a surprise but one of the best ways in which the military has haircuts is that they completely shave off the head. Usually, this is seen among the high ranking and senior officers because this look does not suit very well on the juniors. Over the past many years, research has shown that women consider bald men as highly attractive.

And why not? After all, we have famous celebrities following this style as well such as Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, and many more as well. If you are someone with a good body mass and height along with older age, we recommend you try it out because this is one of the best military haircuts that has not gone out of fashion for a long time.



Getting the right haircut may seem like a tough job because not every haircut suits every face-cut. For that reason, the military haircuts above are perhaps the best choices you could try on as most of them are low maintenance haircuts that look appealing to the majority on the face-cuts. The Regulation Cut, The Ivy League, and The Army Cut are highly recommended.

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