Top 10 Beard Styles

The famous saying goes “A Man without a beard is just like a lion without a mane.”

We have always seen people growing beards and just suddenly changing their entire facial look. A person may not be as attractive in a clean shave as they look in a beard. Everyone can keep a beard, but it only suits those who give it the perfect style according to their face cut. The trend of beard keeps on changing but certain styles have always been considered cool and make a man more attractive. Get a hot look by styling your beard in the most attractive manner.

Top 10 Beard Styles for Men

The Stubble Beard

The very basic yet one of the most attractive beard styles in men is a balance between a clean shave and a full beard. It is also known as a 5 O’clock shadow beard which makes it. There are three types of stubble beard which include short, medium, and a long stubble beard. One can get their desired range by trimming with a professional hair trimmer.

It instantly gives you a somewhat adult look while not too adult for you to be considered overly mature. This beard style is most popular among men of ages 20 to 35. Also, it’s on top of the list because it is easy to maintain.

The perfect example of a mild stubble beard.

The Corporate Beard

As the name suggests, this beard is for those who want to maintain a beard while staying at their workplace. The Corporate Beard gives you an element of confidence and suits the personality of those that have high designation jobs or business roles. It is a full-face beard but very short with the hair length varying between half an inch to 1 inch.

The Corporate Beard is a bit difficult to manage as one has to keep it even, neat, straight, and make sure that no hair are curling up or out of order. Otherwise, even with a business beard, you may not be able to generate a long-lasting impression.


Lucky are those who are able to fully grow a Verdi style beard without any problems. This beard style is a hot favorite of men and women but not everyone can grow it. The Verdi Beard featured in the form of a rounded bottom and short sides.

The handlebar mustache is also there which is the most important element. Hair length could vary between 3 to 4 inches and due to this, it isn’t easy to manage it all the time. Older men between the ages of 40 to 50 often keep this beard! And they are the ones whom this kind of beard suits very well.

The Goatee

It comes with the word “goat” and is a small beard pointed like that of a hair of a goat on the chin. If you are somewhat skinny and aren’t able to grow much beard, the goatee is a perfect one for you.

All you need to do is keep your mustache and chin hair unshaved while the rest of your face will be shaved properly. It also helps in giving a sharp look if your face is more round. It is usually the first-ever beard tried and tested by every man. The Goatee is not for the older ones. A pale complexion and a dark goatee would turn you into the “hottie of the party”.

The Beardstache

It’s quite a newer concept to the beard styles where there is a full mustache and a bit of a stubble. If you are able to grow a big mustache, one of the best ways to flex it around is with a Beardstache style. The Beardstache is one of the coolest trends of 2021 which is why we also recommend you try it out.

While the stubble gives your jawline more definition, the mustache will maintain your classy look creating an ultimate image of a cool person. Although a full mustache is going to suit much better for this beard, there are other kinds of mustache styles as well such as the Chevron, lampshade, walrus, horseshoe, English, and the handlebar mustache.

Corona Beard

While you may find this quite odd, it has been a top beard style for over a year, and we don’t see it going down in the trends any time soon. The Corona beard became a famous beard style after lockdown restrictions were imposed due to COVID-19. In the meantime, many men were not able to get a proper haircut or trim their beards. This was because barbershops were closed for more than two months.

During this time, many men grew excessively large beards which went out of order too. Only a simple comb is required for the daily maintenance of such a beard. Surprisingly, this became one of the biggest trends of 2020 when #CoronaBeards was trending throughout the social media during the spring and summer seasons. For all we know, this was just a new type of beard style but was admired by many men and women.


Long Beard Style

In case your hair have grown more than 6 inches, welcome to the long beard club. It is also known as the full beard. Getting a long beard right when you hit puberty isn’t possible as it takes about a year to grow hair of this much length.

However, “with a great beard comes great responsibility too”. It may add more to your style but is the most difficult among all the beards to manage. One has to take different types of conditioners, shampoos, and oils so as to maintain the beard in a decent manner such that it does not give an unpleasant look.


Patchy Beard

Let’s just face the facts as they are. We know some men who grow a very hairy beard right away at the age of 18 while other dudes might struggle to get a good patch of hair even at the age of 25. While this may seem like a problem to many, it is actually great in some cases because patchy beards look quite hot in men. If you have a really skinny face and a perfectly sharp jawline, the patchy beard is just what you need.

In order to maintain a patchy beard, the key is to let some of the corners and edges of your beard grow while the central part should have shorter hair. The cheeks should be having small patches with smaller hair. In case you are wondering whether or not the patchy beard looks cool, be sure to remember Johnny Depp and James Franco who are known as the two of the hottest celebrities due to their exceptional beard styling.

The Power Beard

As the name suggests, the power beard means attitude and class in a fine manner. This beard has a length between 4 inches to 6 inches whereas the hairstyle could vary too. Some might keep a wavy beard; others would prefer a straight one. If you are looking to perfectly match a beard style between rugged and contemporary, the power beard will work well.

An important thing to consider with the power beard is how you style your mustache. The Power Beard suits perfectly with a Walrus Mustache and a Trimmed Mustache. We recommend trimming the mustache so that it does not cover your upper lip and gives you the neat look essential for having the power beard in its true style.


The Bandholz Beard

Allow your beard to grow as much as possible and it will be called the Bandholz Beard. Most models who are working with beard product organizations have kept this long beard which does not stop at the six-inch mark. The mustache is also not trimmed, and it may give a rough look.

However, the rugged look of this beard is what adds more to the attitude, style, and gives away a hot look which you need. Some people also call it the hipster beard. Note that although it could give you a rough and tough look, this beard style is not for everyone out there. You should be having a strong physique and tall height in order to match it with the excessive amount of physical hair.



There are certain different types of beard styles from which you can choose the one that matches you according to your personality, style, and personal preferences. However, make sure that you are able to maintain your beard in the right manner by combing it regularly, using beard oil, beard balm, beard shampoo, and other associated accessories as well. Trimming will also be quite effective if you need to show off your beard.  You can also consider options like the bald head with beard style and others.

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