Best Medium-length Hairstyles for Men

When it comes to choosing the perfect hairstyle and haircut, men usually prefer short hairstyles, simply because they are easy to maintain and style. Long hair, on the other hand, is comparatively very difficult to maintain and not everyone can take out the time out of their busy schedule everyday to style them. This is where medium-length hairstyles come into play. These hairstyles are an ideal option for those looking for something between short and long hair. Although medium-length hairstyles remained less preferred in recent years but they have again jumped into the scene. Let us take a look at some of the best medium-length hairstyles for you to consider so that you can achieve the perfect look you have always wanted. Let’s begin.

Loose Quiff

Loose Quiff is one of the classiest and timeless medium-length hairstyles for men that will never go out of fashion. The reason is that it can be worn for any occasion. Whether you are opting for a casual night out or a formal dinner, the loose quiff is going to make you look both like a professional and a model at the table. To have the loose quiff hairstyle, shorten the sides and leave quite a bit of length over the top, which allows more area to tame the fringe while getting shorter towards the crown. Furthermore, add volume to the quiff by blow-drying the hair and use throw in some shine by applying textured pastes. The aim is to keep the hair looking voluminous and loose at the same time.

Messy Fringe

The first thing that might come to mind when discussing messy fringe is Tommy Shelby. He pulled the hairstyle quite brilliantly and there is every chance that you can do it as well. Although the majority of medium-length hairstyles are either pushed to the side or back but you can wear it down as well to call it a messy fringe. To achieve this look, ask your barber to add more texture to your hair in a way that makes it appear less structured and messier. You can throw in a bit of modernism as well by cutting the sides short and keeping a short fade on the back.

Long On Top Short Back And Sides

Medium-length hairstyles men are nowadays opting for a look that requires leaving length on the top with the sides and back cut ultra short. In other words, it can be said, it is a perfect hairstyle for men who do not want to commit to anything too long. Ask your barber to add texture throughout the hair to give it a messy look and cut the sides and back short while leaving the length on top comparatively longer.

Side Part

The side part hairstyle happens to be the most decent and will go with any hairstyle. It can be worn casual and formal as well. However, you need to make sure that you use the natural part line as it will help you style your hair at home. Otherwise, you will struggle each time to maintain them. The best part about the side part is that you can experiment with it in several different ways until you come to the ideal look. For instance, you can opt for a matt finish paste to give your hairstyle a natural look. On the other hand, you can use a high shine pomade as well to make it look classic.


For those who are looking for a decent yet stylish medium-length hairstyle, windswept is the perfect option. For this, you will need to grow your top hair to the same length as below and then ask your barber to add texture throughout the hair to give it a messy look. Finally, use a salt spray for a textured beach look.

Slick Back

The slick back hairstyle is yet another timeless medium-length hairstyle that will never go out of fashion. It is a hairstyle that will remain in its place the entire day and those who opt for it can easily add more shine. To style your hair slick back, you will need to have 4-6 inches in length in the fringe area. Once the length grows longer, ask your barber to add layers and shape.

Push Back

The push back hairstyle is a replica of the slick back hairstyle except for the fact that it is a natural-looking version. Furthermore, similar to the slick back hairstyle, you will be going to need some length first on the top and then asking your barber to add the shape after. Then, style the hair back using a blow dryer while damp and apply a matte paste to add texture. This way you will be giving your hairstyle a bold look while maintaining a natural, matte finish look. Just make sure that you do not stiffen it up to the point where you cannot run your fingers through the hair.

Blown Back

The blown back hairstyle is a professional/expert level of the push back styles. This hairstyle is for men who have medium-length hair and tend to feel quite confident using a blow dryer. Moreover, this hairstyle will not require much styling and all the work will be done pre-styling to give the hair an ultra-natural look. Using a salt spray will help hold the hair in place while adding volume to it.

Comb Over

The comb-over is similar to the previous versions of swept-back hairstyles but the only difference is that a comb-over is styled to the side instead of straight back. This is an ideal hairstyle for those who happen to have too heavy or thick hair and have a problem wearing straight back hairstyle. Keep the hair longer on the top and shorter towards the crown. That way, your hair will have something to sit on while you wear them to the side.


The undercut was a popular hairstyle back in 2016, especially when Brad Pitt’s hairstyle made a debut in his movie Fury. At the time, long beard with high & tight fades settled in. However, today, the undercut is making its way back and in fact has made its way back. The undercuts of today feature a more natural finish and less harsh shapes. To have the perfect undercut, go for a mid or soft fade on the back and sides but do not go as harsh as the peaky blinders style.

Tips for Growing Medium Length Hair

When it comes to growing medium length hair, most of us need to pass through the ‘awkward phase’. This is the point where we realize that we cannot grow hair any longer especially if we have an important event coming up. But only because you are growing your hair, does not mean that barber needs to be visited. Longer hair length gives you more room to play with hairstyles. As soon as you think of getting a haircut, visit your barber, show him/her a picture close to your idea, and ask to add shape and texture. Gradually, you will come close to what you actually need and this will make it relatively easy for you to grow your hair the next time as well.

Final Word

If you are someone who prefers a voluminousyet manageable hair look then opting for some medium-length hairstyles is the way to go. Maintaining medium-length hairstyles is not that complicated, it carries the best of both worlds, as it gives you a sharp yet stylish look. The key is to look for the right barber who understands your facial structure and can get you the desired medium-length hairstyle you want.