Best Short Hairstyles for Men

As compared to long and medium hairstyles, short hairstyles have been the most preferred option by men since they are easy to manage and maintain. With short hair, men can experiment with different hairstyles at home without having to visit the barber. However, it depends on your facial structure and jawline. Not every short hairstyle is bound to suit you, therefore, you need several different ideas to find the most perfect fit. We have gathered some very interesting short hairstyles for you to consider if things have been a bit boring and confusing for a while up there.

Fade Haircuts

If you want to have a base that is versatile, enough for any hair length, then you should go for short fade haircuts. By trimming the hair very short at the sides and having a mid bald fade or a high skin fade allows men to increase contrast and maximize the difference in lengths between the back, top, and sides. If you are planning to get a buzz cut, you might want to ask a barber to shave the sides as well. As a result, you will get a hairstyle that features fade at the sides, short cut at the top complementing the finished look. And, if you are bored with the regular fade cuts, throw in a bit of your own unique ideas.

Undercut Hairstyles

Another popular way of cutting hair on the sides is the undercut. Today, undercut hairstyles are some of the most popular and trendy men’s hairstyles today. Unlike the fade cuts, the undercut is all one-length. The hair on the sides and back is very high and you will observe a definite and distinct difference in the length of hair. Due to this reason alone, barbers also like to call this hairstyle the disconnected hairstyle as well. To rock the best look with short haircuts, you can go with an undercut that is slick back, faux hawk, pompadour and comb-over, etc. If you were to opt for any of these cuts, you have the option of styling your short hair, shiny, neat or messy, etc.

Buzz Cut

One of the best ways to wear short hairstyles is the buzz cut, which is a quintessential military haircut. The buzz cut is everything you would expect from short hair. Clean, fresh, and easy maintenance. What this means is that there is close to zero efforts in terms of maintenance and very simple to style as well. Furthermore, buzz cuts are popular amongst men who want to show off their handsome and rugged looks. It will not only fix your hairline but also sharp the edges around your temples.

Crew Cut

For short hairstyles men, much like the buzz cut, the crew cut is an easy yet classy short hairstyle. However, the key difference between a crew cut and a buzz cut is that one of them features slightly longer hair at the top for more styling. Modern crew cuts today feature taper fades on the sides. When it comes to deciding whether you would like to have a short or long crew cut depends on how you style your hair. Some men like a crew cut with a side-swept.

This type of hairstyle involves brushing the hair from the front to the side. Whereas others like to spice up the front, keep it messy, or simply leave it natural. If you have hair that is thinning, we suggest using clay or wax to keep the hair appear textured and thicker.

Short Men’s Textured Haircuts

Also known as, the crop top, the French Crop happens to be the most popular short men’s textured haircut. Cropped hairstyles are similar to crew cuts and have risen in popularity in recent years. Barbers like to cut the sides with a fade or an undercut, leaving slightly longer hair at the top and trimmed short hair at the front. However, textured hairstyles will look unique depending on the look and natural styling of a guy’s hair. Typically, crop top haircuts tend to be style-forward and the best products that can be used for styling are waxes, clays, or pomades.  Also check out options like latest Hair Styling Tools Australia as well.

High and Tight Fade

This guide to short hair men is not possible without the high and tight fade that is the barbershop classic. This hairstyle like the buzz cut originated as a military hairstyle for guys who loved to show-off their masculine, clean-cut look. Moreover, the best thing about high and tight fade is that you can easily achieve this look by using a set of clippers at home. However, if you are a first-timer, you might want to consult your barber. The reason is that the side tight fade requires pinpoint blending and precision.

Additionally, most barbers prefer and suggest the high bald fade. This does not mean that guys have to trim their sides very short. Lastly, if you are working a short haircut on top with high and tight fade, you are sure to match it with any type of hair, may it be wavy, curly, or thin.

Short Quiff Haircut

The short quiff hairstyles have undoubtedly become the hottest men’s haircuts. It is a combination of classiness and trendiness. To suit every type of hair, face shape, and length, the modern quiff today comes in several different types. For example, you can ask your barber to give you a quiff haircut with side fades. You can opt for a mid, high, or low fade, as the quiff tends to be quite versatile. Additionally, you can do pretty much any type of styling with medium-length, long or short hair. However, the short quiff mostly looks best natural, textured, or messy to achieve maximum volume and flow.

Fringe Hairstyle

Men’s fringe hairstyles are both classy and trendy but they require quite a bit of maintenance and styling. Fringe haircuts are also known as man bangs that can be cropped or allowed to grow and styles messy, to the side, textured or angular. This hairstyle is perfect for those with curly or wavy hair. In addition to that, you can combine it with a short fade or taper on the back and sides as well. Those who have bangs have plenty of styling options for top short hair. Guys can use clay or wax to experiment with different styles to get the best fringe.

Short Comb Over Fade

There is nothing more iconic than a comb-over. Similar to side part haircuts, a short comb over allows several different elements to make it look unique and fresh. The modern comb works best with an undercut on the sides or a fade. Men can also ask their barbers for a hard part that makes it easy to part the hair and makes it look more defined as well. In addition to that, the short comb over also allows guys to style the top hair in a couple of different ways. Even though it is an attractive haircut, but it is nice to occasionally style a crop top, slick back, or fringe to make things more interesting.

Final Word

Although short hairstyles are the easiest to maintain, manage, and style but you still need to find your look. A fringe for instance might look good on your friend but not on you. For this reason alone, the above-mentioned hairstyles are meant to give you a sense of direction. If one does not work out, try a different hairstyle until it compliments your everyday look.