6 Pro Tips To Ace Every Party With Custom T-shirt Designs

T-shirts are hugely popular outlets for creative minds. No matter who you are, be it an illustrator, or typographer, graphic designer, or do-it-yourself type, the idea of putting your own designs on T-shirts can hold great appeal.

Having said that, the process of having the final T-shirt designs can be time-consuming and daunting as well. In this article, check out some of the best tips and advice for creating custom T-shirt graphics and printing your own top wear.

1. Take time to explore the concept of the shirt

This tip is one of the most important stages in the whole process, laying the solid foundation for your creative customized T-shirts in the end.

It’s no easy feat to pull out an idea immediately, so take your time, sketch your custom T-shirt design out, and create a few variations that come into your head. You might want to go for a walk, have something to eat to energize yourself before jumping into a full brainstorming process.

If the ideas come to you straight away, it’s absolutely great. But usually, ideal brainstorming takes time and you may have to do it over again or explore other creative options just in case.

2. Imagine the design on a T-shirt

No surprise that there’s a vast difference between the design on-screen and a printed piece of clothing. Take the color pattern for example, when printed on the surface of the fabric, chances are that you might witness the intensity of color change to some extent. The reason is just simple: all digital displays have light or a brightness level behind them. That’s why the shade that comes to reality might be a bit paler or brighter than the expected on-screen one.

So, don’t be afraid to mock-up, again and again, your T-shirt designs on a photo of a model. To better visualize the end-product, you can print it out if necessary. Place the printing on a piece of actual fabric and make sure that you see your own artwork at its actual size.

Imagine the design on a T-shirt

3. Details are impressive but remember to keep things simple

Everyone appreciates distinct and excellent drawing ability and attention to detail. And of course, there’s nothing better than seeing a really well-designed masterpiece on an item of clothing which you can put on everywhere you go.

However, equally, some of the most classic and well-praised T-shirt designs are the simplest. They come in minimalist designs and deliver the message through their simplest form.

Also, remember that your shirt design is being displayed on bodies. In lumpy, bumpy bodies, some complex patterns aren’t always as symmetrical as we think. That’s when flat, uncomplicated designs come in and save the day as there’s no telling or revealing where the crannies or nooks would land on your image.

4. Choose the right colors

Color is an amazing element of design that can instantly communicate personality. Each hue, shade, and tint evokes a different feeling and emotion. They act as a shortcut for you to portray something about you, your individualism at just a glance.

There are two sets of colors in every T-shirt design, namely the fabric color and print color. To make sure that they perfectly complement each other, a wise tip is to use the fabric color as the background to emphasize the colors of the design ideas.

Choose the right colors

5. Source a trusted custom shirt printing company

Rather than being up all ears with knowledge about graphic design, why not pay someone who knows all them already?

The ideal service provider should be responsible for delivering products of high-quality. They must be the ones that think like you and understand your requirements and all what you’re looking for in your shirts. Hyperfavor with years of industry experience is our ultimate recommendation to help you gain the spotlight with your customized T-shirts.

At Hyperfavor, you can get your hands on the best custom shirts without any hassle. With dedicated expertise, they let your creativity fly with your own design ideas. Customers can choose among many elements of their custom shirts, from the patterns, colors, the garment, the images, quotes, or words that will be printed on the shirts.

Just by uploading a draft of your dream shirt, you can sit back and wait for the service provider to do the rest for you. And if you’re stuck on ideas or run into trouble designing your own items, a team of insightful designers is here to help.

For instance, if you insist on having a personalized shirt with the image of your beloved puppy on it, then take a look at the collection of custom dog shirts for humans on Hyperfavor.

What’s cooler than putting this dog shirt on and having a walk with your pet?

There’s no better way to get in touch with the creativity hidden inside you with a custom T-shirt design of your own. Everything is tailor-made here at Hyperfavor, so why not give it a shot?

6. Be ahead of the game

You could get inspired by the latest fashion trends, but don’t copy them. It’s likely that by the time you’ve seen a T-shirt being produced, other design ideas are moving onto the line behind closed doors.

That’s pretty much all we would like to share with you today. Hope that with these winning tips, you can show your own signature personality with your custom T-shirts.