Top New York Street Styles

If you have ever been to New York, you would know that it is one of the most vibrant and dynamic  places in the world, especially when it comes to Fashion. Every year, designers from all over the world hold their exhibitions, which attracts huge celebrities as well. Other than that, the street fashion of New York is so versatile and rapid that it changes every season. It might be hard for some to catch up but luckily, we kept a record of every street style that went viral. Therefore, let’s discuss them in detail and see what this year is going to be about.

Yellow Pop

When it comes to autumn and winter trends, people do not usually prefer to opt for bright and bold colors. It is like a universal fashion rule followed everywhere in the world. However, what began in 2020 seems to be continuing for 2021 as well. This year, the streets of New York resembled a rainbow. Thanks to the most recent New York City fashion week. Colors such as fluorescent green, cherry reds, and fiery oranges were all out in full force. But it was the daffodil, sunny, canary yellow that caught everyone’s attention. It is a surprising transformation from the usual moody and dark winter color palette.

In addition to that, yellow tends to be a seasoned spring trend. It is mostly reserved for accessories such as bags, scarves, jewelry, and sometimes skirts and shirts as well. This year we suggest that you follow the yellow street style trend by wearing a yellow trench or bomber combined with an all-black outfit. Although it is a risky color to pull-off but those who have, looked nothing less than a model walking down the street.

Extra Long Belts

Gucci belts have reigned the fashion world for a time now. However, things have changed and it is the turn of extra-long belts to take over. Back in the day belts were just functional accessories but today they are everything from mid-thigh lengths to ankle grazers and sometimes even caution tape. New York street style gurus have been observed wearing extra long belts around high-waisted pants, trenches, and flowy dresses, etc.

If you want a piece of the action as well, try throwing on a colored or patterned long belt over a boxy coat or trench. As a result, not only will you be defining your waist but creating a point of interest as well. You can also combine these belts with loose silhouettes, tailored trousers, and wide-leg flares. Perhaps the best thing about it is that it does not follow any rules, so you can wear it normally or allow the exaggerated length to fall. Be as creative as you wish.

Leather All Over

Even though head to toe leather is not worn unless it is Halloween, 50 Shades of Grey, or anything else but this year the street style vixens have got something else on their mind. Stylists have opted for leather hats, caps, bags, and jackets from head to toe. And, you know what, the trend is on fire.

We know what you are thinking, leather all over can be a bit intimidating but you can always start small. Try wearing a leather boot and skirt with a zip-up leather jacket. Plus, you can also match a pair of killer leather pants with a leather hat or jacket. This is so that you are able to unzip your jacket or remove it along with the hat if you feel that leather has become a bit overdosing. All in all, this trend as mentioned earlier is rocking street style fashion. If nothing else, try the gorgeous pleather alternatives as well. You might find just the right look.

Statement Clear Raincoats

There is nothing worse than canceling your planned outfit for the day due to the weather forecast. Since no one knows when it is going to rain, you will have to throw all your fashion plans aside for a while. However, there is a solution for it. If you were to opt for clear raincoats, you can rethink wearing your planned fashion outfit without the weather forecast ruining your plans.

These PVC clear raincoats mean that you no longer have to cover or hide your favorite looks under boxy jackets. These translucent raincoats are not only meant to protect you and your outfit from the rain but also keep things stylish and trendy. Even if you were to put them on during summer showers and spring, they will not look too wintery. With that being said, we will suggest opting for raincoats with colored piping.

Plaid Pants

Plaid pants have been around for a while to become a veteran and that too for good reasons. It is edgy, classic, bold, pretty, can easily match, and is being constantly reinvented or updated. A couple of years back, we had witnessed, schoolgirl tartan jackets, chic farmer shirts, and 90s grunge skirts but now we are witnessing the rise of plaid pants. Perhaps the reason behind plaid pants being so popular is that plaid is versatile and create many different looks.

To give yourself a preppy look, throw on some tennis shoes and try a muted tone of plaid with a collared shirt and sweater combo. Depending on the type of look you wish to achieve, you can experiment with different trousers and sweaters, etc. We will suggest wearing a monochrome printed t-shirt that will create a super trendy and laid back look.

Pastel Pink Fur Coats

Another street style followed by women is that they would like to wear pink on Wednesdays. However, today they would like to wear it everyday especially if it comes in a pretty pastel faux fur coat. Although it is not the first color that comes to mind when thinking of a classy fur coat but the style gods have spoken. This year is all about pastel pink furs. Infact, millennials are so obsessed with this color that they have started calling it millennial pink.

The best thing about pink is that they are trendy but not too over the top. Furthermore, it is also easy to match as well with other primary and pastel colors. Faux fur coats tend to be classy, trendy, comfortable, and versatile. Therefore, it only makes sense to have them in pink color. Try wearing a unique yet trendy hairstyle as well to stand out from the crowd.

Clear Accessories

New York street styles are not complete without accessories. Although the previous year had experienced a unique wave of fashion but it was a huge hit. For those who cannot follow the everyday changing trends, accessories are your savior. The reason is that you have a plethora of options and almost every type will go with your current or planned outfit. You do not need to be worried about matching belts, coats, or pants this time. You can opt for accessories such as the transparent handbag along with keychains, lipsticks, and phone covers, etc. minimalist yet throwing a major fashion vibe when combined. Hold onto an umbrella in one hand while wearing a clear that is bound to compliment the overall look. Wearing Custom Keychain is also a great addition to your fashion accessories.

Red Boots

Amongst the best New York street styles, blaring red ankle, knee and thigh-high boots were undoubtedly the most significant fashion trends spotted on the streets. With every celebrity and fashion model rocking them, these boots were found to become famous. Every fashion label, blogger, and designer for the right reasons was talking about them. You might have thought that red color is a bit hard to pull off and carry but it is infact the opposite. It is as versatile as it can get. Since we are living in an era where monochrome has made it deep inside the fashion world, therefore, pairing a pair of red boots has never been easier.

Final Word

And, there you have it, top New York Street Styles for you to follow. Remember, when it comes to pulling off different fashion styles, confidence is key. Do not hesitate to experiment and come up with unique color combinations. This year does not follow any rules, therefore, be as creative as you can get.