5 Things you should care to know before buying a pair of Jeans

Adult enough to read this blog? Well, that makes you a kid from the generation where denim had been the most popular clothing.  So, being a no stranger in the denim world, it’s a general practice done by all where out of five pairs of jeans you own, there must be just two that fits you ideally even after years. What could be a possible reason for this? All you need to do is to keep your checklist with these five things ready.

1. Know your body type: in terms of physicality, it is undeniable that you and your friend would not look the same even in the same pair of jeans. The biggest reason being the body shape. The first step to choosing a perfect pair of jeans for women is to understand your body type. For example, an hourglass body type should buy a different variant of jeans than a boyish body type.

2. The occasion-specific choice: jeans can be perfect for every occasion. But you cannot put on a bell-bottom to office meetings and regular fit for a date night. To have the right idea of which pair is needed before buying is essential. If there is a family gathering, you need skinny fit jeans.

3. Know your waist size: This might sound like standard information, but that matters the most. While you buy a pair of jeans, see if it this easy to pull it up till the waist. If it is, then you need to go a size down. Don’t forget that jeans are stretchable and that’s precisely why it does not fit well after a particular time.

4. Tailoring should not be scary: you might need to get your jeans chopped in length or hemmed at places at times. However, that does not mean that you bought the wrong pair of jeans and need to replace them. Getting the proper fit can be tricky, and if a tailor can do it, there’s no harm.

5. Don’t stick to just one brand: every brand has its promises to make, and at times experimenting might give you a better fit or a different variant. So, never abstain from shifting from one brand to another. Sticking to one can be monotonous.

These are the skills you will master with time, and initial failures should be an experience as long as the pair you put on is comforting; keep that particular pair with you and keep searching for a better one.