Things To Consider When Buying Wholesale Eyeglass Pouches

Are you thinking of buying eyeglass pouches at wholesale? One needs to consider a few essential things when shopping for these pouches, especially online. And here in this article, we have given all those necessary things you should always keep in mind while choosing a vendor. Without taking your much time, let’s jump straight to the point:


Material is an essential thing that one must never ignore when purchasing eyeglass pouches. The biggest question is, which material should you prefer and which to ignore? Many sellers deal in cotton made pouches. We suggest you keep a distance from such sellers.

However, they might provide you with low-cost pouches, but the quality will not always be the same. Instead, microfiber is the best material for eyeglass pouches. So, make sure you always avoid cotton made pouches and buy only the microfiber ones. The reason to purchase microfiber pouches is all follows:

  • They are much stronger and durable than any other fiber.
  • It’s a value for money deal.
  • Eco-friendly product.
  • Easy to recycle and many more.

Also, the material used in eyeglass cleaning cloth that comes with the pouch must be made up of the same material as the pouch. Since an eyeglass cleaning cloth is used to clean the lenses. This means its material should always be soft and smooth so that it does not scratch the lenses.


People these days are more likely to prefer eco-friendly and easy to recycle products. This means you should also prioritize recyclable pouches rather than those cheap plastic ones. However, the cost of recycled pouches might be a little higher. But believe us, it’s a value for money deal. Investing in things that people demand is much more profitable than what they don’t.


Price also plays a vital role when shopping for eyeglass pouches. You might know that the cost varies from vendor to vendor. That is why the first thing that you should always do is make a budget. A budget helps you to shortlist all those pouches that you can afford. This way, you can stop wasting your time thinking about whether you should choose that vendor/deal/pouches or not?

Vendor’s Reputation

The reputation of a vendor decides whether they are worth dealing with or not? If the seller has a good reputation among their customers, you can definitely consider them in your list. There are various methods through which you can check that. Following are the top ones:

  • Go to the reviews section of their website and see how many good comments they have.
  • You can also ask some of your friends who have ordered from the same website you are thinking of buying.

Final Words

These were the top four things that one must consider when shopping for eyeglass pouches wholesale. If you like reading our content, share this blog with all your friends who are wondering about buying pouches soon.