What To Look For When Buying A New Smartwatch This 2021

Smartwatches started out as a cool gadget, only to become a truly essential part of our digital ecosystem. That being said, finding a good smartwatch is harder than ever. Back when you had only a few options on both ends of the aisle, your choices were more or less made for you.

Today, in 2021, there are hundreds of awesome models to choose from. We’ve done our best to isolate the features and details to focus on when looking for a new smartwatch. Without further ado, let’s dig in!

Finding a Smartwatch That Fits Your Style

The technical side of modern smartwatches has been pushed to the extreme. So much so that most of them will easily satisfy whatever needs you might have. Naturally, if you’re looking for niche functionalities, you’ll need to dig a bit deeper. More on that later.

For now, it’s worth mentioning that design and appearance is often the first thing on the list of requirements a wearable device needs to meet these days. Despite being amazing compact smartphones you can wear on your wrist, a smartwatch is still a watch  it is still a fashion accessory.

There are two types of designs you’ll run into these days – smartwatches and hybrid watches.

  • Smartwatch – This is your standard smartwatch. Smartwatches generally place functionality at the top of the list. That being said, smartwatches are still very much attractive, although in a modern, tech sense.
  • Hybrid Watches – Hybrid watches were made to merge a more conservative aesthetic with modern smartwatch features. Although an average hybrid isn’t going to be nearly as functional as an average smartwatch, they bring all the core features.

Figuring out which of these is a better fit for you is a personal decision. Are you more of a sweatshirt and jeans type of person, or a business casual aficionado? What matters the most is the fact that you have options. Check this site for more info on hybrid watches. As it turns out, there are plenty of awesome models in this segment.

Apple or Android, or Something Else?

Apple or Android, or Something Else

The never-ending battle between Apple and Android continues in the realm of wearable smart devices. Even though Apple had pioneered the modern smartwatch, Android hasn’t been far behind with its offerings.

In fact, we’re seeing a similar situation to what’s happening in the smartphone market. In other words, Apple with its exclusive ecosystem competing against a much more open Android platform.

That being said, the market expands. Various manufacturers are coming up with their own OS.  Samsung has entered the game with Tizen-based smartwatches. This company had decided to work on its own ecosystem from scratch. So far Tizen smartwatches aren’t exactly on the same level as Wear OS and Apple Watch devices, but Samsung is making leaps with each new generation of software.

Choosing your OS will determine which apps you’ll have access to. It’s no secret that some fitness tracking apps work better than others, or that each OS has its own advantages. Naturally, your phone will also be a factor when it comes to making a choice.

Outdoor Watches

Smartwatches draw their roots from ABC (altimeter, barometer, compass) watches that are still in use today. Although an Apple Watch shares some of these functions, it isn’t necessarily the best choice of a wearable if you speed a lot of time outdoors.

In other words, how you use your wearables should also play a role in your selection process. You’ll find that outdoor watches, although rather functional, aren’t on the same levels as an Apple Watch.

Most outdoor watches focus on the following features:

  • Navigation
  • Environmental data
  • Durable, rugged design
  • Battery life
  • Fitness tracking

Generally speaking, these watches offer a somewhat niche experience that has very little in common with high-end smartwatches. In fact, you’ll find that rarely any outdoor watch runs on Android or other operating systems. In most cases, they use their own proprietary operating systems, which means you can’t run standard apps on them.

Narrowing Down the Selection

Finding that one watch that will meet all of your needs is anything but easy. That being said, you’ve got options. The smartwatch market is saturated to a point where you’re bound to find a watch that fits your requirements.

It’s the fact that there are so many awesome models to choose from that can make the entire process rather tedious. We suggest that you start your search by defining the type of use you have in mind for your watch as well as what phone you plan on pairing it up with. Everything else should is fairly easy to figure out.