Why You Should Choose a Unique Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are a big purchase, so it has to be perfect. If you plan to propose to that special someone, a unique engagement ring can make the big day even more special. 

Here is a list of reasons you should propose with a unique engagement ring.

One of a kind

You are proposing to someone who is one of a kind, so why would you choose a generic diamond ring? You want to find that perfect ring that will not only showcase your love for her, but also represent her unique personality. 

Break tradition

The next generation is breaking tradition in a lot of ways. Not just with engagement rings, but the entire wedding industry. The engagement ring industry has changed drastically in the last ten years, and it will keep changing as our values change and different trends emerge.

Just because diamonds are traditionally used for weddings and proposals, doesn’t mean they’re the best. Gemstone rings look just as beautiful as diamond rings and have more color, character, and personality. 

A ring with a story

Think about it. When your grandkids ask you about grandma’s ring, do you want to tell them that you went to a popular jewelry store and got a mass-produced ring that was popular then? 

Or do you want to tell the story of how no ring was good enough so you designed your own? Or the story of how you searched and searched and finally found the sapphire stone that matched her eyes perfectly?

Save money

Diamonds are the symbol of luxury. But you aren’t proposing to show off how much money you have. The commercialization of weddings has led to people spending substantially more money on things like engagement rings. 

She isn’t saying yes because you have money. She will say yes because she wants to spend the rest of her life with you. That should be the reason for the proposal, not to show off your paycheck. A unique ring is a perfect way to showcase your love and still have money left over for the wedding, honeymoon, and future home.

In the end, an engagement ring should be special. It doesn’t have to be a diamond to impress her. 

The new age of engagement rings has broken the barrier of hundreds of years of tradition. This is a good thing! It means we don’t care so much about the rarity and luxury of diamonds. We care more about each other and the person we want to spend the rest of our lives with.