A complete guide on Ring types

Rings are a piece of jewelry that is loved by all. They don’t just add sparkle to your outfit and your look but also add grace to your movements. However, when it comes to rings, everyone has a different taste.

There are so many designs in rings available out there that choosing one piece can be quite a task. Rings come in different kinds of styles that one should have knowledge about before going to shop for rings. Here is a complete guide on different types of rings for you.

1. Diamond rings

Diamond rings are the most classy ring for all women. These rings usually display a diamond as a centerpiece of the design. They may come in different colors and various cuts.

2. Gold rings

Gold is a historical and the most popular and classic choice of metal for a ring and other jewelry. Pure gold will be labeled as 24 carats gold. You can either go for a yellow plain gold ring, or you can also go for alloys of gold such as white gold and rose gold.

3. Silver rings

Silver is a great choice for rings. Most of the silver jewelry is made up of stainless steel. A combination of steel and chromium is used to fend off tarnishing the silver.

4. Platinum rings

Platinum rings make some of the most precious jewelry pieces owing to the preciousness of the jewelry material. They are more expensive than silver and gold. The color of platinum looks almost like silver with a more mellow hue.

5. Birthstone rings

A precious stone is assigned to each month of the year and is known as the birthstone. It is a common practice among people to own a piece of jewelry, usually a ring, containing their birthstone.

6. Wedding bands

A wedding band is a ring that is uniform in width with no discernible top design. The wedding bands are exchanged by the man and women at their wedding to signify that they are married. It may be a single gold band, can be engraved, or can be set with gemstones.

7. Promise rings

Promise rings are another kind of symbolic ring used to indicate commitment. While one can use any type of ring as a promise ring, a classic gemstone or metal band ring is often used as a promise ring. Promise rings are most commonly used to symbolize a promise that is generally cultural or religious in nature.

8. Cocktail rings

Also known as a dinner ring or cluster ring, cocktail rings are large, dramatic rings that considerably rise off the ring. The ring is usually set with many large and colored imitation gems and smaller faux gems. Cocktail rings are meant to look lavish and larger than life.

9. Engagement rings

Engagement ring is a ring that is traditionally given to a woman by her fiancée as a symbol of commitment to marry her. It is worn on the ring finger of the left hand and usually set with a diamond or other gemstones.

10. Solitaire rings

It is a ring that is designed to hold a single gemstone or diamond and is a popular engagement ring these days.

11. Stack rings

Stackers or stack rings feature two or more bands that are meant to be worn together on the same finger. They may be identical or set with different stones in similar or varying sizes. They should be styled in a way that they look appealing together.

There are various other types of rings such as anniversary bands, antique rings, 3-stone rings, vintage rings, eternity bands, estate rings, contemporary rings, and so many more for one to choose from.