Guide to Wearing Earrings

Earrings may be one of the oldest forms of human adornment, but the humble earring has evolved into many forms. It started as simple hoops to studs to statement climbers. It’s a piece of straightforward jewelry to wear, but if you’re choosing one, there are so many things to consider. You’re not just choosing the style and type of jewelry to purchase, whether it’s modern, traditional or vintage you’ll also be selecting a metal or gemstone. And for some earring wearers, they go for a nice necklace to pair it with.

While most choices are best left to your personal style and preference, shopping for unique earrings can be a little bit more complicated. Fashion experts may tell you to go ahead, follow your heart, and choose whatever earrings you like. But if you want to ensure that the earrings will look good on you and will highlight your best facial features, it’s better to be wise by looking at a guide like this.

Here’s a guide to determine what earrings work best for you:

1. Consider the occasion

So as not to avoid looking tacky, make sure that the earrings you wear suits the occasion right. IF you’re going to your office, go for a pared-back look like a simple stud or simple hoop earrings. If you’re off to a date night, why not wear something that swishes, like a chandelier or a tassel. And if you’re wearing statement earrings, go light on your other jewelry.

2. Let it match your personality

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Even without a guide, perhaps you’ll probably do this. But some people need a little motivation. You don’t need to get accessories that you don’t like. If you’re a simple person, wear small and simple stud earrings. If you’re the classic type, wear timeless styles like hoop earringsbutton earringspearl studs or diamond studs. If you’re the creative type, choose dangle earrings to show off your favorite colors and patterns. If you’re the city chic type of woman, choose earrings that feature geometric shapes such as diamonds, squares, triangles, and more. Meanwhile, if you’re the romantic and feminine type, choose floral or heart-shaped earrings.

3. Consider your skin color

As with wearing lipstick and wearing clothes, you have to consider your skin tone as well when choosing metallic earrings. If you have warm undertones in your skin, this means golds and copper metals look good on you. But if you have blue or pink undertones, then you’re fine with silver and pewter hues.

4. Match earrings with your face shape

One major thing to consider when looking for earrings that will look great on you is your face shape. Earrings can make your face look thin, wide, long, or fat, depending on the shape of your face.

  • Inverted triangle

Inverted triangle is your face shape if your forehead is the widest part of your face and tapers down to a narrow chin. To balance this kind of shape, you need earrings that will de-emphasize your wide forehead. Teardrop or chandelier earrings work well here.

  • Oval

Oval face shapes have the most versatile options. If this is your face shape, you can wear almost any shape of earrings. If you want to emphasize your classic look, try a long teardrop earrings, plus long dangling earringsTriangular earrings and simple studs can also show off your lovely cheekbones.

  • Round

Round-faced ladies have their widest face area at the cheekbones with no taper the chin. To slim this up, avoid large, circular earrings, hoops, and button studs that will only emphasize the round shape. To balance it, choose long dangling earrings. You may also look cascading earrings.

  • Long

If you have a long and thin face, choose earrings that will de-emphasize length. Go for clustered earringsshort dangle earringshoops and studs. It can also help widen the face. But if you like long dangle earrings, look for styles that have a round Large hoop earringshape incorporated into them.

  • Square

If you have wide, square jaws, you can soften it with earrings that have round edges. Choose oval and circular earrings like hoops. Large hoop earrings look really fabulous and flattering for square-faced gals. Stay away from square or diamond-shaped earrings.

  • Diamond

You have a diamond face if you have prominent cheekbones, with a forehead and chin narrower than the center of your face. You can accentuate this shape with long, dangling earrings with curvy shapes. Avoid earrings with a diamond shape.

5. Match earrings with your bone structure

Yes, your face’s bone structure also matters. Have you ever wondered why your friend’s chandelier earrings looked great on her but didn’t have the same effect on you when you borrowed it? It’s probably because your bone structures aren’t the same. If you have a fine bone structure like Sharon Stone and Meryl Streep, go for earrings that are thin, delicate, and flat, as chunky earrings may overpower your gentle face shape. If you have a medium bone structure like that of Madonna and Teri Hatcher, medium-sized and medium-weight earrings will work well for you. But if your bone structure is large like Ophrah’s, then you can strut off medium to heavy and chunky earrings.

6. Match earrings with your hairstyle

Styling your earrings to match your hairdo will make or break your look. Earrings are great at drawing attention to your face, but they must also contrast with the hair.

  • Let down hair

When you wear your hair down, it can hide any earrings you wear. If you’re going for an everyday look, a pair of stud earrings can suffice. If you want a more striking effect, a pair of gemstones, especially sparkly ones, will get noticed more. Multiple ear piercings with a minimalist ensemble of tiny studs also work great, especially if you use studs in the same metal hue. Matching the metals will keep your look from appearing too busy.

  • High bun

When you wear your hair in a bun or an updo, you will free up space from your ear to shoulders, so any earring you wear can be visible. To make a statement, pick a pair of earrings that will look pretty from all angles, so your outfit will look good from front to back. Long dangling earrings are the perfect accessory for the high bun hairstyle. Hoops are another good choice.

  • Short hair or pixie hair

Short-haired women can look fantastic with earrings, as the hair will less likely distract from the ears. With a pixie haircut, earrjacketsing jackets and ear cuffs can look striking. Getting a statement ear crawler can add an edgy and fresh look. Take note that earring cuffs with a single color are a great choice to give a classy eye-catching look, rather than going for multi-colored items. Diamonds and crystals are great to consider if you want a statement cuff earring.

  • Shoulder-length hair

A shoulder-length hair creates a definite line across the shoulders. This will give you a reference point as to how big or how long your earrings can be. The ideal pair of earrings for shoulder-length hairstyles are those with shape and make a bit of a statement. It can be colorful and large, but make sure it won’t be longer than your hair. Avoid long and thin dangling earrings because it may only end up getting lost in your hair.

  • Ponytail

The earrings that work well with ponytails depend on how high you wear the hairdo. If your ponytail is high, you can go for larger earrings. But if it’s a low ponytail, get a low-maintenance look with large studs or multiple earring stacks.

  • Curly hair

Curly hair is voluminous, and it can get caught up in your earrings, which is a problem no one wants to have. If your hair already has a lot of drama, it can be challenging to find earrings that will make a statement. But simple hoop earrings work well with curly hair because the curve of the hoops compliments the to earrings, earrings, earrings guide