Types of Watches Every Man Should Own

It’s actually difficult knowing what watch you should own. This is especially true when you’re new to watches, or if you aren’t very knowledgeable. You will come across a variety of brands, and a variety of designs that greatly differ from each other, which only makes things more confusing. However, here are some guaranteed good micro brand watches you can order from a trusted seller online.

However, there’s one universal truth when you’re looking to get watches online, and that’s the fact that it’s actually a good pick to have multiple different watches in your collections. This is purely because different watches are made for different occasions. And since life is full of different occasions, you should aim at assembling a collection of different watches.

But where do you start? What are the five types of watches that every man should have? Let’s take a look at a few designs that you should start with and find out where you can find affordable microbrand wristwatches for men online.

A Dive Watch

A dive watch is as iconic as they come. Originally developed by Rolex for professional divers, the dive watch used to be a tool watch that professional divers could take advantage of. Aside from being very water-resistant, it also has a rotatable bezel that lets you keep track of how much oxygen you have left in your tank.


Even though many years have passed since that happened, and a lot has changed, diver’s watches are something you’ll come across on many people’s wrists. And not all of them are divers. Add to this the fact that professional divers don’t really need watches anymore, and you realize that at this point, they’re a fashion statement.

A Dress Watch

Every man must have a dress watch. Usually, they’re smaller, thinner timepieces that are meant to sit under your cuff. Many of them are made of gold, and they usually come with a simple design that sits well and doesn’t stand out too much. They aren’t meant to be the centerpiece, they’re only meant to complement the look.

While there’s no shortage of options, the most basic option is a simple dial, usually white or black, and two to three hands. This simplicity is what identifies and defines the dress watch.

A Chronograph

The chronograph is another watch that should be a staple in everyone’s collection. The identifying feature of a chronograph is a complication known as the tachymeter scale. What that does is it allows whoever is wearing the watch to measure how fast a car can drive one kilometer, basically giving you the car’s speed.

Aside from this, another thing you’ll find on a chronograph is, as the name suggests, a chronograph function. There are usually two to three chronographs that allow you to time things to the second. A chronograph is a very iconic watch. And even though you won’t use all of its functionality very often, it’s still something you should have as part of your collection.

A GMT Watch

You might be asking what a GMT watch is. It’s such a watch that allows you to track multiple time zones at the same time. This is achieved by an additional GMT hand, as well as a 24-hour bezel. And while the first GMT watches could only read two time zones, today’s models usually have the ability to read three.

Just like with dive watches, the first GMT watch was developed by Rolex. And quite a few years have passed since then, so today you have a host of GMT watches available at various price ranges, and with various designs.

What’s interesting is that many people actually use their GMT watches just like they were meant to be used, while traveling. If you’re traveling across time zones, a GMT watch will allow you to keep track of both the local time and the time at home.

An “Everyday” watch

This should be the watch that you reach out for when you don’t know which one to wear. It’s the one that will get you through your everyday life, and it should be the one you pick if you were forced to wear one all the time.

A few things that this watch should do is to be in a neutral color that won’t stand out a lot, be robust yet discreet, and be water-resistant. If you’ve nailed these things, you have a great everyday watch.