Seven Fashion Accessory Trends for Spring 2021

When it comes to fashion trends, getting ahead of the curve is the best way to make a statement. Spring 2021 promises to be an exciting time when the cold air dissipates, and the hot looks emerge.  Look here for a guide because the the best gift is jewelry.

The fashion accessory trends of spring 2021 offer a blend of ultra-mod, classic elegance, and boho-chic. Here are seven accessory trends that you won’t want to miss.

Rough Cut Crystals and Gems

The perfectly polished look is out, and the bohemian, raw look is in. Rather than opting for uniform, classic jewels, fashionistas are opting for rougher cuts and DIY looks.

Despite being less polished and more rough around the edges, this look still has high fashion vibes. Trendsetters will be hitting the streets wearing some of the most popular crystals and gemstones in a way that conveys casual glamour.

Futuristic Sunglasses

Sunglasses are expected to be a conversation piece in spring 2021. Angular, ultra-modern cuts are in. Think geometric shapes, pastel colors, and futuristic materials for a look that will ring in the new decade with style.

This fashion trend boasts a lot of versatility, allowing people to make a statement and showcase their unique flair for fashion.

Tiny Handbags

Handbags were already starting to get smaller before Lizzo walked the red carpet at the American Music Awards. Her tiny handbag became one of the most notable occurrences of the evening.

As a result, the handbags of 2021 are expected to be smaller than ever. This goes well with the trend toward hands-free bags via fanny packs and belts, as well as miniature neck chain attachments. This trend should be fun to watch as phones are getting bigger.

Pearl Pieces

2021 will have a splash of vintage elegance with the resurgence of pearl accessories. You’ll see pearl necklaces, earrings, hair clips, and more. Expect to see these divine stones complementing other trends, as clasps on tiny handbags and accents on modern sunglasses.

To get ahead of the trend in 2021, invest in some pearl drop silver earrings and solitary pendant style necklaces.

Pearl Pieces

Vintage Scarves

Vintage-style silk scarves in varying patterns and retro-inspired shades will be everywhere in 2021. These new scarves are so retro, that if you raid your mother or grandmother’s closet, you’ll likely find a few identical originals.

Vintage scarves are replacing infinity scarves that made such an impact in the early 2010s and are being incorporated in various ways. These scarves look great around hair when paired with angular glasses, as well as looped around purses to change up the overall ensemble.

Chunky Chains

You may have never expected to see chunky jewelry make a comeback, but gold, bulky chains are here again. Unlike iterations of the past, these are often matte or brushed for less shine and more elegance.

Chunky chains are a contrast to many of the other fashion accessory trends that promote delicacy and finery. When paired with vintage scarves, this look is very 1970s. It’s also worth noting that there have been whispers about chain belts making a comeback, but that trend isn’t expected to take hold until the fall.

Bowlers and Buckets

It’s been a while since hats have been at the pinnacle of women’s fashion. However, both bowler caps and bucket hats are expected to be hot trends in Spring 2021. Bucket hats are a heartfelt throwback to the early 2000s, while bowlers are straight out of the early 1990s.

Bowler caps, in particular, are being paired with many of the rough cut crystal and gem pieces that have been making waves. This Stevie Nicks inspired look is a favorite among edgy fashionistas.

By choosing one or more of these seven upcoming fashion accessory trends, you’ll start the new decade in style.