Cleaning Your Watch’s Leather Strap

Over the years, watches have been used to tell time and as an element of beauty, especially when worn or matched properly. Wristwatches feature two main parts, the watch strap, and the dial. Both of these parts can be made from various materials.

For instance, a malachite watch strap can be made using cowhide, stainless steel, and copper. The aim is to have a wristwatch strap that isn’t prone to corrosion that may deface it while also ensuring durability.

One of the main ways of caring for your watch band is cleaning it. Although you could wipe the stainless steel or copper watch band, leather watch straps require specialized cleaning. Over time, leather (whether synthetic or genuine) has been used as the main material for shoes, clothing, and many other accessories.

It is also revered because of its classic style, suited very well for formal occasions and traditional casual wear. Various Lora Rose watches are shipped with leather straps having various colors, from the traditional brown and black to the modern pops of color.

As mentioned above, cleaning the leather watch strap is critical for caring for your Lora Rose Watch. But, you must go about the cleaning properly to prevent any damage and keep your watch looking great.

Are you wondering how to clean watch band? Then, you are at the right place. This post covers all you need to know about caring for and cleaning your leather watch strap. But before then:

Why Does Your Leather Need Special Care?

Natural leather is a special material that needs special care to clean. It absorbs dirt, moisture, and sweat that cause regular wear and tear. This might make the strap sensitive to liquids. Leather is also sensitive to other elements like heat or direct sunlight, making it start fracking and cracking.

This can quickly deface the watch, giving it an unsightly look. This makes you not feel comfortable wearing it. Hence, you should learn how to clean it properly to ensure the leather’s quality remains intact.

How to Clean a Leather Watch Band

As discussed above, any leather needs special cleaning, and your leather watch strap isn’t different. Below is how to clean watch band:

Remove the strap

Before cleaning the watch strap, the first thing to do is remove it from the watch. Besides ensuring that you can easily clean the strap, it also helps you protect the watch dial and watch case. Remember, water might have a corrosive effect on some parts of your watch.

Use A Dry Cloth To Wipe The Leather

Before using any liquids on your leather strap, you should first wipe the leather strap using a dry cloth. This gentle way of removing any grainy debris or dirt collected on the watch strap.

However, the debris or dirt may scratch the leather surface when you intensively clean the leather watch band. Hence, use a soft cloth. Jewelry or microfiber polishing cloth are some of the best choices. Wiping the watch strap before involving water makes cleaning easier.

Wash the Leather Watch Band using Soap

After wiping the leather strap using a soft cloth, you should use soap to clean it thoroughly. Using gentle soap will yield the best results. This is because the stripping formulas found in the harsher soaps might dry the leather strap. Hence, dampen separate jewelry or microfiber cloth, then smear a small volume/amount of soap on the cloth.

Remember, the soft cloth is supposed to be damp, not completely wet. The is to avoid damaging the leather using water. Next, scrub the outside and the inside of the leather watch strap gently using a damp cloth. Use small and circular motions across the leather material to clean it.

Remove The Soap Residue

Rinse the soft cloth under running water to remove all the soap after cleaning the strap. After this, squeeze out the excess water from the soft cloth. After ensuring that the cloth is free of the excess water, lightly wipe the strap using the now clean damp cloth, removing all the soap residue off the leather strap.

Leave The Band To Dry

Upon removing the soap from the strap, let it air dry. Don’t put the watch band under the direct sunlight or dry it using a hair drier.

Use A leather conditioner

When the leather watch strap has dried, apply several drops of a leather conditioner to a clean cloth specified on the package. Then, rub the leather watch strap using the cloth and leave it to dry. Ensure that you use a conditioner for watches, jewelry, accessories, and clothing. Leather conditioner for industrial and furniture items could be too harsh for contact with the skin.

How Frequently Should You Clean the Leather Strap?

Are you looking to come up with a routine for cleaning the leather strap you often use? Then you should be doing it once every week. Follow the steps above for cleaning your leather watch strap.

Do you live in a humid or hot climate? Then you might want to consider occasionally wiping the watch strap because of perspiration. Similarly, you might want to regularly wipe or clean your leather watch strap during summer.


A leather watch strap is in direct contact with your skin. Hence, it is critical to clean it regularly for hygienic reasons. Furthermore, leather absorbs moisture and other forms of perspiration like sweat which may cause mildew formation.

Further, the moisture may interfere with the quality of the Leather, causing wear and tear to the watch band. Hence, follow the steps above to care for and clean your leather watch strap, ensuring that the great look remains intact and serves you for long.

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