Show Off Your Personality: 7 Fun Ways to Customize Your Own Clothes

Your style should be unique and personalized! Here are some fun, easy-to-learn, and affordable DIY ways to customize your own clothes.

Who said that being fashionable and unique is expensive? If you’ve been through a significant case of rebranding your closet or changing up your style after a moments notice of inspiration hang in there.

We know that trying on clothes at retail shops can make you feel discouraged. The price isn’t worth, you don’t exactly feel right about the look, or you can’t pinpoint your style amongst dozens of repetitive designs.

Well, there’s one other thing you can do that can save you money and time. Why don’t you customize your own clothes? It’s hard to believe, but there are tons of creative and fun ways to turn your clothes into a representation of who you are.

It’s easy to craft stylish clothes with easy steps. And although it may sound complicated at first, once you get the hang out it, nothing can stop you. If you’re interested in learning how little changes here and there can give flair to your old clothes we invite to keep reading below.

How To Customize Your Own Clothes 

Apply some of these DIY clothing ideas to your wardrobe and notice how trendy and stylish your pieces will turn out. But to make sure you got stunning customized clothes in no time, contact a trusted company specializing in bulk custom screen printed t shirts.

Cut, Cut, Cut 

If you own a maxi or mid-length dress, you can turn it into an above-the-knee dress. How? Only by using scissors to trim the bottom. You can use this same technique with regular shirts and turn them into cute cropped tops.

Do you have too many jeans and no idea what to do with them? You can cut those also and turn them into jean shorts. And if the hem of any of these fabrics is uneven or about to break, try creating a fold at the very bottom and sewing it together. This technique will help the garment have a more polished look.

Patch It Up 

If you live somewhere with cooler weather wearing jeans can turn into a routine. In fact, some may even begin to rip, or fray, giving them an unkempt look. Patching up your favorite jeans with the right type of patch can save you a trip to the store and keep them fabulously functional. You can also add multiple add-ons like merrow borders, glow in the dark threads, neon threads and 3D puff effect to make the patches super cool.

When you’re adding patches, make sure to make them extra sturdy by adding a layer of canvas behind the fabric. When you place the canvas, stitch it around the edges of the holes with running stitches and voila!. If you are looking for a more convenient and quick way to attach your patches you can make iron on patches, which can be attached easily using on iron or any other kind of heat press.

Doesn’t it make more sense to add color and spark to your jeans than to buy a new one? And if you want to give your jeans or jean jacket a stylish touch of ownership, get custom name patches here and show off your style.

Change Your Buttons 

Hand sewing buttons is an underrated activity. If you own a button-down that you like, but the buttons are generic, try replacing them with unique pieces.

You can find an array of buttons in DIY craft stores or even vintage stores around your neighborhood. And don’t feel like it will take you forever to learn how to sew on a button by hand. You can perfect the technique in less than an hour, and you only need the following:

  • 2-hole button
  • thread
  • needle
  • scissors
  • rule or measuring tape
  • pin

Braid It 

Here’s an idea you’ve probably never of a lot: braid the back of your shirt to create a racerback. I know it sounds complicated, but in essence, you only need to follow three steps.

1. Cut off the shirt’s sleeves. Make sure you cut it deeper than you would for a standard tank top. The technique helps remove most of the shirt’s sides.

2. Separate the back of the shirt from the neckline, cutting where the stitching is at the top.

3. Cut three strips into the back of the shirt to braid them and sew the top of the braid into the neckline.

Braiding a shirt is a great way to make the most of your back without having to spend money on a new fabric.

Customize Your Shirts Online 

Although this idea doesn’t need you to work with your hands, it still lets you be creative. If you have s one-color shirts laying around not inviting you to wear them add a pop of self-expression.  You can also find online print shops like TeeJunction that offer prints on organic and fairtrade cotton t-shirts! Design your own t-shirt and keep your wardrobe sustainable and environment-friendly.

There are many sites like Teespring and like Spreadshirt that let you come up with your designs and even buy other user’s independent creations. In fact, you are given the option to include your images and designs.

Sew Pockets Into Your Skirt 

Has it ever happened to you? You want to pose for a photo and strike a fabulous pose, but your skirt doesn’t even have pockets. So you stop using it and forget you use to love it. Well, like with sewing buttons, creating a pocket in a fabric isn’t as complicated as you think.

Plus, you have space to hold your phone and just a little bit of cash. Isn’t that great? In fact, try to turn all your skirts into your favorite ones by adding cute pockets to every one of them.

Be Creative For No Extra Cost 

Investing your time with DIY clothes is worth it. The only thing you have to consider when you decide to get creative and save money is the time needed to finish your craft. Other than that you shouldn’t hesitate too much.

Go ahead and customize your own clothes and realize how satisfying the activity can be for you and your friends. If you want to read more about fashion, make sure to check out our website!