How to Decide the Gemstone Shape for an Engagement Ring?

When choosing an engagement ring, one needs to give proper attention to details. Before the selection, it is good to draft the design in mind and specify the setting, gem, and metal. Everything from the selection of gemstone to the setting has a meaning behind it. When someone wants to show serious sentiments without a word, carefully selected engagement rings are beneficial.

As the primary step, the selection of gemstone takes a lot of time. The clarity, color, carat, and cut are the essential features of a gem. Together they decide the quality and cost of the stone. As the color and cut, the shape of the gemstone is also of greater consideration. Shape and cut are different terms, but they are interconnected. However, it is best to have a look at round halo engagement rings at Solitaire Jewellery.

A cut helps determine the stone’s brilliance and shine, whereas the shape is the gem’s spatial attribute. When choosing the stone for an engagement ring, selecting the right shape is of vital importance. It adds a distinctive meaning to the ring. As different shapes like circles, ovals, triangles, and squares have different meanings, so choosing a shape related to the thought process is a good idea.

Does the question arise of how to pick the perfect shape for the engagement ring gem?

It is an obvious question, especially when the person is giving a surprise. He can’t ask the girl about her likes directly and can’t choose anything just like that as this might lower the value of the ring. Instead of banging the head, one should follow the given steps to figure out the perfect shape for a gemstone engagement ring.

  • It’s better to figure out the favorite shape of the woman who’ll be going to get the ring. Asking directly is the easiest way, but the battle is all about surprising her. So one should carefully observe the likes and dislikes of the lady.
  • See the shapes of gemstone in other jewelry pieces of her collection. Like, observe the earrings or pendant she wears often.
  • The size and shape of the fingers also decide the gem shape.
  • Keeping the budgets on the list also helps in sorting the shape. Generally, round and oval shape gems are less expensive than squares and triangles. But this is not a thumb rule. Mostly the unusual shapes cost higher on the chart.
  • Visiting the traditional and online jewelry store would also give better clarity about the selection. Comparing the various shapes and understanding the pros and cons might clear the picture.
  • As different shapes beautify different stones, so it’s better to select the gemstone first.

Investing in gemstones is a worthy investment for several good reasons. Gemstones are portable and very easy to store safely and securely. The worth of gemstones is always maintained, appreciating over time.

These days, the demand for gemstones exceeds the supply because many mines have been exhausted from their precious stones. Hard assets such as gemstones are a worthy investment as long as the investor does not expect to make the investment and turn around in a short period and reap a cash profit.

Gemstones appreciate steadily but slowly over the years. Enjoying the collection should be a priority, with the investment factor being a good bonus.