Can Crocs be Fashionable?

The fashion industry often comes up with outrageous trends—for example, see-through jeans, insanely expensive designer paper clips, and crotchless trousers. Of course, all those mentioned earlier are genuine items sold in the past few years. But among all the controversial pieces, there’s nothing that receives as much commotion as Crocs. These shoes are unquestionably a divisive subject of discussion and easily contested in the modern world.

Crocs have created a considerable impression in 2021, though people have complex feelings about this. Some mostly loathe them, while others allowed the shoes to grow on them. 

However, when you think about it, Crocs, too, can look good when styled right. Here are some of the best crocs for standing all day. The shoes look cute when worn together with a simple T-shirt and jeans. They even grew to become so popular that they sold out, especially the custom crocs in collaboration with celebrities like Post Malone and Justin Bieber. Soon enough, influencers started to wear bold yellow Crocs with purple dresses and beige blazers or bright orange jackets. All of a sudden, the shoes became a trend.

The surge in Crocs’ popularity isn’t just some type of delirium led on by too much social media or anecdotal. According to the 2020 report by the global fashion search platform Lyst, these shoes were the eighth-most sought-after item globally in 2019, with the average monthly searches for them hitting a sum of 135,000. Sure, the world’s collective response to dressing throughout the pandemic has steered toward the more comfortable pieces, so it’s not surprising that the number two on that list are the Birkenstock’s Arizona sandals or that Nike‘s joggers came fourth. And then, came April, it was reported that Crocs had experienced a growth in their online sales. BBC sales showed that in the first quarter, the sales rose by 75.3% and made of a third of cumulative sales for the season. According to the Guardian, Crocs reached £331M in sales just days following the appearance of a gold pair of Crocs on the Oscars red carpet, worn by musician Questlove, the musical director of the awards.

By all means, this isn’t the first time the fashion industry has attempted to make Crocs popular, but it’s presumably the most successful one yet. And in fact, both Christopher Kane and Balenciaga created high-fashion versions of the shoe in 2017 and 2018, respectively. The former offered a bejeweled and marbled Croc, while the latter provided a platform-style in bright block shades. However, the influencers, as do the A-listers, love them this time. Pharrell Williams, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande were seen wearing the best squeaky flats, not to mention the gold variants mentioned above. It’s already pretty apparent that the fashion industry adores Crocs, so now, with both celebrities and the Instagram crowd on board, fashion has reached the holy trinity and the turning point for a trend to turn mainstream, which is obviously the case. 

While it might take more time for Crocs to win some people over, plenty of them would probably see loads of the shoes on Instagram over springtime that are styled very well, and when summer comes, they’ll indeed be wearing them, which is how fashion works.

How to Fashionably Wear Crocs

Every shoe you buy seems to blend seamlessly into your wardrobe, such as your Repetto Camilles or Chanel slingbacks. However, Crocs, unfortunately, do not go with everything. 

What was once an oxymoron, but now a current reality, you can wear Crocs fashionably. All you have to do is to take into consideration a particular key aspect.


While very lightweight, Crocs are loud and clunky shoes. And since Crocs are so huge, they look best when paired with:


It would help if you had a bootcut or skinny jeans to streamline your silhouette and provide yourself more length. It would also be great if you can show your ankles. Unfortunately, flared jeans won’t work well since the bell-bottom covers the Crocs too much.

Midi Length Dresses

Your Crocs will work with a dress that hits underneath your knees; over the knees, and it will look messy; right at your knees, and it stunts your legs. But a length that’s an inch or so below the knees will certainly work.

Big Hair or Pony Tail

You’ll want more volume up the top of your hair, or you’ll want it to be sleeker but big since Crocs are so clunky.

Since Crocs tend to be incredibly loud, it means that they will look best with outfits that are simple or more monochrome. Here are some cool and wearable Crocs outfit looks:

Croc Outfits

Crocs with Dresses

Pair your crocs with simple and monochromatic dresses that reach just under your knees. Put your hair up in a high ponytail because, along with the dress, it’ll add more vertical space to your outfit as well as help negate the Crocs’ slouchy feel.

Crocs with Jeans

Just a simple pair of t-shirt and jeans will do. If you keep your outfit simple, you’re most likely to make it work, even with Crocs!