Why are flats bad for your feet?

Fashion makes people unique, and it also signifies culture and identity, profession, age, gender, and style. Even casinos have a dress code. Celebrities and prominent people are the most common icon that some people look up to when it comes to their fashion sense. 

People want to be stylish, keeping up with what’s always a fad in clothes, accessories, and footwear. Some are very particular with how they mix and match their clothes, bags, and shoes if going to a party or an event. The almost perfect dress must be paired with a stunning high-heeled shoe! We all know that wearing stilettoes for a long time can hurt our feet. On the other hand, wearing flats perhaps is what we always think as a good option to lessen the discomfort for our feet. But do you know that wearing flat shoes can be a cause of the trouble? 

Wearing flats has become an alarming issue among podiatrists worldwide due to the rising number of foot injuries caused by moving around in ballerinas and flip-flops. They may seem more sensible and comfortable than towering stilettoes, and they can still cause severe foot and back pain. But, in fact, flat footwear’s lack of arch support and cushioning can actually damage your feet.

women on a line, wearing high-heels

If you are a lover of different footwear styles, you must know this one interesting fact about shoes. Dr. Priya Rathore, a physiotherapist, says that absolute flats are safe for your feet as long as the insole is padded and helps your calf muscles. In addition, the insole has to be soft because shoes with hard insoles can be painful regardless if they are flat foot or high-heeled.

Meanwhile, a podiatrist Robert Khorramian, MD, also pointed out that unstructured flats don’t offer enough support, especially with busy schedules. In addition, Khorramian noted that walking for an extended time using ballet flats can cause metatarsalgia neuroma and plantar fasciitis. In addition, it destroys the fatty tissue underneath the feet that results in the ever so dreaded corns and calluses.

Besides ballet flats, Dr. Khorramian also stated that unsupportive or painful styles are also worth avoiding, such as flip-flops. Flip-flops can cause a lot of foot injuries. In addition, wearing pointy shoes can also cause corns and blisters as they provide a lack of circulation to the toes.

According to doctors, it would be best to wear different kinds of footwear in a week and not just stick with a particular pair of shoes regularly. So, although the too-high-heels are still a `no-no,’ a little bit of heel would only do good! 

With the wrong kind of footwear, such as a very high heel, people tend to shuffle instead of walking, which can ruin the body posture. In addition, when feet roll inward, it stretches ligaments and tendons. The stretched ligaments will pull toes out of alignment with the rest of the foot, which causes severe pain eventually causes bunions. 

When the feet roll in, the knees are being pulled with them, and if forced into an uncomfortable angle, the kneecaps can become sore, painful, and sometimes arthritic. On the other hand, walking or running in flats can also bring trouble due to the lack of support to the feet, which causes inflammation along the shin, prompting shooting pains. Ballerina pumps and flip-flops can cause a range of different problems as they have no arch support, no fastening strap or laces, and no shock-absorbing material.

When there is too much friction on the feet’s heels, Achilles’ tendon, toes, blisters, corns, and callouses are produced. Also, some common body aches arise, such as knee pain, hip and back pain. Flat feet or also called fallen arches, is one of the most common causes of foot pain. This may be a genetic condition but can be worsened by bad footwear. In addition, for extended periods, flat feet can lead to knee osteoarthritis.

Another cause of feet problem is plantar fasciitis. It is an inflammation of the band of tissue that runs between the heel and the arch of the foot. Weight gain is the primary cause of inflammation. The increase in weight can be either due to pregnancy or obesity and unsupportive footwear.

There are many options you can choose to avoid acquiring these feet problems, and other body aches due to wearing uncomfortable and improper footwear. You can customize your shoes according to your preference and pick the right shoes at the right time and place. There’s no need to follow your favorite celebrity’s fashion sense all the time-wearing the most expensive and popular sneakers, or designer’s shoes. Taking care of your feet is just a simple way of taking care of yourself.