Top 10 British Fashion Brands

London is known for being one of the fashion capitals of the world. It’s also known as the creative capital, as some of the top fashion designers of the globe are based in the United Kingdom. Britain in general boasts some of the best fashion colleges ever, including Central Saint Martins and the London College of Fashion. 

There are several flagship stores and boutiques in this area of the world as well, so you have a lot of designers and brands to choose from. The choice can be overwhelming; the London Fashion Week alone has a host of designers. However, checking out these top British fashion brands will help in choosing some quality items for your wardrobe:

1. Alexander McQueen

This is one of the most well-known names in the world of the best British fashion brands. While the founder of the label is no more, Sarah Burton is making sure that the name lives on. Burton is the designer behind the wedding dress worn by Kate Middleton. 

McQueen himself was famed for his intricate and tailored designs that had gothic and theatrical influences. With Burton at the helm, the brand now also offers elegant and feminine lines to several items. 

The base of each Alexander McQueen offering is sturdy and classic, with traditional techniques used rather than new-fangled ones that might not last as long. While new methods are certainly mixed in, you’re assured of the highest quality and attention to detail. There’s also a bit of drama in most pieces, so they might not be to everyone’s tastes.

2. Burberry

The Burberry brand started in 1856, and is one of those brands that are quintessentially British. It’s mostly known for that trademark check pattern and their trench coats. Their range also includes several fashion accessories and clothes for all genders, kids, and adults. There’s also a line of makeup and fragrances to complete your ensemble. 

Even those who aren’t too familiar with the top British brands would recognize the Burberry trademarks.  The brand was established by Thomas Burberry and is sure to provide good quality each time. The trench coats especially are investment pieces if you want to be considered well-dressed in London. The fabric of these coats is gabardine, which is a durable option invented by Thomas Burberry himself. Overall, this is the brand to go for if you’re looking for a classic look and durability. 

3. Paul Smith

Paul Smith provides a twist on classic tailoring in Britain, but never forgets its roots. It’s another brand that should be immediately recognizable if the onlooker has even a smattering of fashion knowledge. The popular items include a brightly-striped shirt, which you’d find in most London wardrobes belonging to men. While this label usually provides menswear and the relevant accessories, they also have a line for ladies and kids now. 

The founder of this brand, who is also its namesake, initially meant to be a cyclist. His contributions to fashion were so significant, however, that they eventually resulted in his knighthood in 2000. The Paul Smith brand started out in the 1970s, soon becoming a symbol of British sophistication. While the designs might be eccentric at times, they’re sure to be modern, classy, and bring that unique British touch. 

4. Stella McCartney

The McCartney surname will make a lot of people sit up and take notice. Stella McCartney is the daughter of the former Beatle, Paul McCartney. Since the music produced by the Beatles still has a large and loyal following, her name might have given this designer a leg up in the world of fashion. However, she’s now proven herself with her accomplished and talented work in the fashion industry. 

McCartney is a graduate from the Central Saint Martins institute, and established her brand in the year 2001. Before this, she was working with Chloe, a French-based brand. McCartney pieces are known for their intricate designs, modern look, classic touch, and sharp tailoring. What’s even better is that the brand has a cruelty-free process–there are no real feathers, furs, or leathers used in any of her collections. 

This label now has a kids’ collection in addition to offering menswear and womenswear. The graduation collection included Naomi Campbell, Yasmin Le Bon, and Kate Moss among the models. 

5. Martine Rose

This is a relatively lesser-known brand, but it’s still cool if you like styles from the 90s. The lovely is steadily increasing in popularity among the British population. While it does take inspiration from 90s fashion, there’s also an added element of high fashion. 

Most of the offerings here are within the corporate or sportswear categories, though you might also find something related to biker fashion. The inspiration also includes outdoor lifestyle in Toronto and Sydney. The clothes are practical, functional, and still fashionable enough to be in the spotlight. Expect bold patterns on shirts, wide shoulders on blazers, and trousers with wide legs that make them look like a skirt. Again, the offerings might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they suit many fashion-conscious people who also want to be comfortable.  

6. Temperley London

This label was launched in 2000, with embroidered dresses and beaded items becoming a favorite among celebrities and even royalty. You might be able to see some of their offerings being touted by Kate Middleton, Halle Berry, Eva Mendes, and Penelope Cruz. 

The brand also features gowns, both bespoke and ready-to-wear as well as everyday frocks with a bohemian yet feminine vibe. You can expect intricate ornamentation and quality fabrics here, with each piece still being distinctly British. 

7. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham might not be a Spice Girl anymore, but she’s found a lot of success with her reinvented image. She founded the fashion label with her own name in 2008, and has won several awards for her work. Her collection includes shoes, makeup, women’s fashion, and accessories. 

The designs from this label are mainly aimed at providing comfort for the wearer while also faltering the lines of their videos. You’d also want to watch out for the bags, which have exquisite Italian craftsmanship. 

8. Lulu Guinness

You can get several quirky accessories and bags from this label, but be prepared for having the Union Jack or major London landmarks splashed all over them. The Lulu Guinness bags are usually available in the most exclusive stores in the world. Some pieces have even been in museum collections and regarded as works of art. 

Celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Alexa Chung have carried handbags from this brand as well. Overall, it’s one of the most respected brands you can find in this part of the world. 

9. Self-Portrait

This brand is a favorite among Hollywood celebrities and has been seen carried by Kristen Stewart as well as Reese Witherspoon. Meghan Markle was also spotted wearing this label, which made the brand became even more widely recognized. 

Self-Portrait was founded in 2013, but perhaps wasn’t really understood right away. However, it’s now gained a lot of commercial success and can be found in Neiman Marcus as well as other luxury stores.

10. Rigby & Peller

No wardrobe will be complete without some nice lingerie. If you’re looking for a luxury brand, Rigby & Peller are among your best choices.  They were founded in 1939 and have been providing bespoke undergarments for the royal family from 1960 onwards. International celebrities like Lady Gaga and Scarlett Johansson also use this brand, but the spoke service or ready-to-wear lingerie are available for everyone. You can also check out their swimsuit collection. 

Overall, this brand assures its customers of exquisite designs and perfect fitting. It was founded by a couple of corsetieres by the name of Gita Peller and Bertha Rigby, but the current owners are now Harold and June Keaton. 


Whether you’re a visitor to Britain and would like to take some of their best styles home or a resident and want to support local talent, the designers and brands above are all good choices. The best items, of course, will depend on what you’re looking for in a branded piece of clothing. British fashion brands seem to have it all; comfort, a unique look, and intricate designs if you want them. Take your time, look around, and select whatever seems to suit you the best.