How to Update Your Clothing so Your Wardrobe Is Fashion Forward

While the fashion industry keeps you in style, it isn’t the most sustainable. If you have to change all your clothing every time a new style starts trending, you end up with a wasteful habit. This can lead to stylish people turn to upcycle to keep their wardrobe up to date. When people upcycle, there are several ideas they can use.

You can always use the materials around you to update your clothing. You can also buy small items that can change the vibe of your fashion choices. Remember that fashion is more than the clothes you buy from this store or that shop. Fashion is an attitude, and attitudes are available for free. So what are the other things you can search for when you want to upcycle your clothing?


The 80’s fashion aesthetic is taking over your social media feed. As the shelves in your favorite fashion store are filled with quirky print, you can seize this opportunity to get chic fashion for nearly free. In addition, you can up your fashion game by combining different press-on stickers to match your aesthetic with the most high-fashion houses you can think of.

Clothing stickers can be of many types. You may need to iron some of them on, or if you don’t have access to an iron, you can get temporary press-on ones. The great thing about press-on stickers is that you can change them once their backing wears off. This means you can update your fashion aesthetic more often, helping keep you fashionable.


Another excellent way to upcycle your wardrobe is to sew. With just a little effort and some basic skills, you can make entirely new clothes out of your old ones. People who are adept at sewing can even attempt to make their fashion clothing line using waste fabric and scraps that you can get for nearly free. Sewing is an excellent life skill to have and will enable you to save a lot of money if you practice and build your skills.

You can also attend a few sewing classes to ensure you have the skills needed to upcycle your clothes. Fashion is whatever you want it to be, and learning how to make your clothes can help you explore your imagination and creativity. With enough practice, you can even mimic high-fashion brands that you see on catwalks all over the world.

Simple Cuts

An easy way to upcycle unused or old pants is to turn them into shorts. This is one of the quickest ways to upcycle your style from winter to summer. Of course, if you can’t find a fashion house that caters to your size when it comes to shorts, you can always buy the jeans and make quick snips to make them into fashionable shorts. While this may seem simplistic, the distressed look can be seen as quite fashion-forward in the right circles.

You can extend this fashion upcycling technique into other clothing items as well. For example, if your closet only has winter tops available with long sleeves, a few quick snips of your scissors would quickly turn this into a summer-ready crop top. If you’re stuck in a pinch and you only have scissors available, don’t be afraid to snip off some carefully calculated parts of your wardrobe.


Finally, we come to tie and dye! This technique is currently trending across fashion stores all across the world. Your favorite fashion store has probably come out with a line of tie-dyed clothes because the traditional technique has achieved trending status in the fashion world. Everyone from celebrities to influencers is sporting this fashion-forward trend on their social media.

This is a surprisingly easy technique to do at home. Being a traditional technique, this doesn’t take much equipment or money to do. You can take any old t-shirt you have at home and turn it into a fashion treasure using some colors, string, and time. You can experiment with colors, designs, and pieces to create your custom fashion finds.

In conclusion, fashion doesn’t always need to cost you a bomb to be fashionable. You don’t have to throw out your clothes or trade anything. Instead, you can make your fashion sustainable by making a few smart choices and learning a skill that will benefit you all your life. So get your creativity out and be the solution to your fashion problems!