Crazy Shoe Collectors

Women are generally thought of as really crazy over fashion, not to mention their obsessions with shoes, shoes, shoes! But do you also know that a few men have equally crazy footwear fetishes as women do? Check out these people who own huge shoe collections!

1. Jordy Geller

Jordy Geller from Nevada, USA holds the Guinness world record for having the largest collection of sports shoes. As of 2012, he owns an unbelievable 2,388 pairs of sports shoes!

Geller started building his sneakers shrine back in 1999, when he was then selling and buying footwear on eBay, mostly at discounted prices. His enormous shoe collection is made up of exclusively of Nike brands, and his prized footwear are all brand-new and still in their boxes. Geller opened a museum in Las Vegas, Nevada named the Shoezeum, which boasts all of his precious sports shoes.

2. Darlene Flynn

Another Guinness record-holder, Darlene Flynn from the USA has an incredible collection of 14,684 shoe-related items. This number was verified by Guinness back in 2006. Her collection includes a replica of Cinderella’s famous glass slippers, her grandmother’s prized boots, and a wide variety of furniture, decor, clothing, phones, and anything else that’s shoe-shaped. She started this collection after her divorce in 2001.

Sadly, Flynn didn’t get to expand her already-huge collection for very long.  She was murdered by her younger live-in boyfriend in 2013 at the age of 58. At the time of her death, Flynn’s collection consisted of about 16,000 pairs of shoes and shoe-related items. It’s no wonder she was dubbed the ‘Queen of Sole’.

3. Danielle Steele

Danielle Steele is a well-known author of several bestsellers, most of them romantic fiction. The “Queen of Romance” has been rumored to own about 6,000 pairs of shoes, although Steele herself said that it is a “mythical number.”

4. Christina Aguilera

If you are lucky to be invited to the Grammy-award winning pop singer’s closet inside her LA mansion, you’ll be met by her 750 pairs of shoes. That’s a chicken feed number when compared to other shoe collectors here in this list, but it’s still a lot! Not to mention that they’re all designer shoes — Christian Louboutin, YSL and McQueen in particular. We know that the price tags for such brands are no joke. Plus, it’s highly likely that Aguilera will add more to her shoe collection in the future.

5. Celine Dion

It seems that the famous French-Canadian singer’s heart will go on and on… for shoes! Aside from her family and singing ballads, Celine Dion also loves shoes. They’re quite an obsession for her. The sweet-voiced pop chanteuse admits she owns about 3,000 pairs at the moment!

6. Beth Shak

This sexy professional poker player and the star of the reality show ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ is obviously obsessed with fashion. Shak is the owner of about 1,200 pairs of shoes, with 700 of them being her favorite Louboutins. This would probably make her the envy of every fashion-conscious woman. All of Shak’s shoe splurges are the “fruits” from the winnings of the many poker tournaments she has played.

 7. Bernie Madoff

This stockbroker and con man is mostly known for ripping off investors in his “Ponzi scheme” (which is similar to a pyramid scheme). He used these funds to feed his lavish lifestyle, though he was finally found guilty on several charges and was ordered to serve 150 years in prison.

However, there’s one interesting thing about Madoff that many of us didn’t know — his love for shoes. In particular, he had an obsession for loafers. When his personal belongings were seized to be auctioned off, many people were surprised that he owned about 250 pairs of first-class leather loafers, many of which were still brand-new.

8. Paris Hilton

Should we be also surprised about this? The hotel heiress, socialite, and reality television star can obviously afford her obsession for shoes. She owns about over 2,000 pairs, and her collection consists of her favorite brands: Tory Burch, YSL, and her top choice, Louboutin.

9. Mariah Carey

This famous songbird also has a vast collection of footwear of different kinds, including wedges, boots, and designer high heels that amount to over 1,000 pairs. She treats all her precious pairs as if they were her babies, so she keeps each one in a specially-made compartment made of gold leaf and bleached wood!

10. Lindsay Lohan

The beautiful, talented actress and controversial Hollywood celebrity doesn’t have to hesitate over spending $1,200 on a pair of designer footwear. Lohan obviously loves shoes, admitting that she owns about 5,000 pairs of designer “babies” she has bought from several parts of the world on her travels.


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