Sustainable Yellow Gold Engagement Rings: A Classic & Eco-Friendly Choice

Yellow gold engagement rings crafted with lab grown diamonds are a traditional and eco-friendly choice. They are a favorite for couples inclined towards their warm and classic look.

These rings, crafted as symbols of love, have engagement ring settings with yellow gold, giving the rings a lustrous, radiant and contrasting feel when paired with sparkly lab diamonds.

Lab Diamond Engagement Rings: A Step Towards a Sustainable Future

Diamond consumers, in recent times, especially Millennials and Gen Z, have become much more aware of the detrimental effects related to the diamond mining industry and are looking for more eco-friendly diamond options when shopping for engagement rings.

Lab-grown diamonds are created in state-of-the-art laboratories that follow stringent, environmentally friendly measures. They have the same sparkle and chemical and physical properties as mined diamonds. In fact, if you placed a lab and mined diamond next to each other, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Lab-grown diamonds are also far more budget-friendly and have no association with ill repercussions, such as land degradation, air and water pollution, and human rights issues related to the diamond mining industry making them the perfect pairing for yellow and other gold engagement rings.

Tips To Follow When Choosing Engagement Rings

Style Preference

Choosing your engagement ring can be quite a task, especially if it’s your first time. It’s about understanding your or your partner’s style.

Do you prefer a subtle, minimalist look where the diamond is the focus of your white gold engagement ring, or do you like a more ornate, flamboyant piece with intricate patterns and added sparkles on the band of the ring?

Friendly Diamonds, an online lab diamond jewelry brand based in NY, offers many options of different styled engagement rings that you’ll love based on your preference. You can view yellow engagement rings in high-quality photos and super-zoom videos to know whether the ring is the perfect match for you.

Shop From a Trusted Brand

Always look for a trusted brand when shopping for  engagement rings online. Check for client reviews and testimonials on the brand’s website.

Also, look into their social media handles, as their social media presence will inform you of their authenticity. Does their social media account have poor content? What is their followers’ engagement like? How do they respond when you send them queries on their social media?

Friendly Diamonds has a testimonial base with real- life pictures of hundreds of couples who chose their engagement rings and wedding jewelry with the brand, making it one you can trust when shopping for engagement rings.

Choose A Brand With a User-Friendly Website & Simple To Use Features

A good online brand will surely offer a seamless process of finding your engagement ring. For example, Friendly Diamonds lets you create your own ring by choosing your ring’s setting, selecting your lab diamond and completing your ring with a choice of yellow metal color, ring size and engraving if desired.

This create-your-own ring feature makes the whole purchase a simple and easy-to-do process, making it convenient when looking for your white gold engagement ring.

Ultimately, yellow gold engagement rings are for women enchanted by the classic old-world charm, where gold retains its yellow color and provides a great contrast when paired with a diamond.

Your engagement ring should be an extension of your style and be shopped from a brand you can trust, offering a seamless online process when looking for your ring.

Today, people choose eco-friendly and sustainable lab diamond jewelry brands like Friendly Diamonds as they prioritize ethics and a greener, better world for themselves and future generations.

An added benefit of shopping with Friendly Diamonds is that you get free shipping, a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy and a lifetime warranty. You also get a bespoke custom jewelry experience and a free online video consultation to guide you in finding the perfect yellow gold engagement ring.