Guide to Nose Rings

a close-up shot of a woman wearing eye makeup and a nose piercing

Nose piercings, like tattoos and ear piercings, are among today’s most popular body modifications, and nose rings are great fashion accessories. It’s easy to see why: nose piercings are beautiful, versatile, eye-catching, and have deep cultural significance for many people. If you’re thinking about having your nose pierced and want more information, … Read more

Guide to Lip Rings

a woman with a nose ring and a Madonna lip piercing with her head raised and eyes closed under a red light

The lips have a lot to say, and when they’re pierced, they say even more. With so many lip rings to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect one for you. You’ll like the canvas the lips provide, whether you want a simple and sleek single lip ring or … Read more

Cleaning Your Watch’s Leather Strap

Cleaning Your Watch's Leather Strap

Over the years, watches have been used to tell time and as an element of beauty, especially when worn or matched properly. Wristwatches feature two main parts, the watch strap, and the dial. Both of these parts can be made from various materials. For instance, a malachite watch strap can be made … Read more

Gold dress, What Shoe Color Should You Wear?

Clothing, Magazine, Editorial

Any woman’s wardrobe would be complete without a gold dress. If you have ever received compliments on a gold dress, you know how stunning it can be. The issue with these dresses is that the color scheme makes matching shoes and other accessories difficult. In addition, you may want to try on … Read more

The Benefits of Vegan Clothing

The Benefits of Vegan Clothing

A lot of fashion trends come and go, but there are a few that truly stood the test of time and became classics within the industry. The reasons why some fashion trends are considered timeless is not just because of their looks but also their function and purpose. A lot of classic … Read more

Japanese device EyeSystem brings back colours to your life


In the modern world, a person spends most of his free time with a smartphone. Most jobs are computer related. People spend more than 8 hours in front of screens daily. Poor sleep and diet, bad habits and stress are the factors that affect vision loss. In the 21st century, eye diseases, … Read more

How To Make Your Winter Hat Look More Stylish?

How To Make Your Winter Hat Look More Stylish

Winters can be harsh, especially when you are in a city. There are many ways to keep yourself warm and stylish this winter. If you want to look chic in your winter clothes, you’ll need a good hat. You should see for Raiders hat that are available in different types. You can … Read more

Learn about Ralph Lauren’s Impact on the World of Fashion

Ralph Lauren at the Yankee Stadium

Ralph Lauren is a household name in the fashion world. As one of our generation’s most outstanding and recognizable designers, Lauren is known for his sportswear line Polo Ralph Lauren, the centerpiece of his fashion empire. He led one of the world’s most successful fashion empires for over half a century. His … Read more

What is Gamer Fashion?

A girl playing while sitting on a beanbag chair

As the online world is expanding, so does the amount of interest surrounding the gaming industry and everything about it. Whether it’s MMORPGs, console games, online games, casino games, or even mobile apps – more people are trying gaming. As a result, a new trend has been arising: gamer fashion. Whether it’s … Read more

Who Were the Iconic Fashion Designers of the 80s?

sketch illustration 1980s vintage fashion model on white background

The 1980s were a decade of bold colors, styles, silhouettes, and heaping amounts of permed hair. Fashion in the 80s were considered both innovative and raunchy by some. While the youth of today may insist on following the current fashion trends, custom tailoring and fashion influences of the 80s continue to thrive … Read more

How are the Soles of Shoes Made?

Two pairs of shoe soles

Soles are a fundamental part of the shoes. They protect the bottom of the wearer’s feet and ensure they will not be in pain afterward. Wearing shoes without soles is like walking barefoot – it makes no sense to wear shoes that have no soles at all. We take the material on … Read more

Learn about Karl Lagerfeld’s Impact on the World of Fashion

Karl Lagerfeld in 2008

Karl Lagerfeld, most known for his work as the creative director of Chanel, is one of the most influential fashion designers of our time. Throughout his career, Lagerfeld majorly impacted the fashion world in different ways. He created revolutionary clothing lines, reinvented fashion brands, and brought new models to the world. Learn … Read more

Who was Yves Saint Laurent and What was His Impact on Fashion?

Yves Saint Laurent’s designed fashions

Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most popular, established brands in fashion today. But do you ever wonder about the man behind the brand? Yves Saint Laurent was described as many things during his lifetime – boy wonder, genius, and the Pied Piper of fashion – and a lot more since … Read more

What is the Difference Between Fad and Fashion?

People in street fashion holding shopping bags

Fashion and fad are interestingly intertwined, but they are usually related to clothing. They are very much related to one another, though one can discern a difference between the two. Clothes are changing for different reasons as it evolves. There are social, economic, political, and religious factors involved. But no matter the … Read more

Who were the Famous Fashion Designers of the 70s?

Family dressed in disco style with vinyl records

The 70s were one of the best decades of all time when it comes to fashion. The era birthed out fashion ideas and trends that eventually became staple wardrobe items. Designs like the pants suit, halter dress, and wrap dress were made popular by influential designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Halston, and … Read more

A Guide to Buying Vintage Clothing

A woman scouring vintage fashion racks

Shopping for vintage clothes is a great way to find unique pieces. If you want to stand out with your one-of-a-kind outfits, going vintage is a fantastic idea. Wearing vintage clothing has become more and more popular nowadays. More people are gradually buying into a vintage because it’s authentic, and it’s a … Read more

Who Was Roy Halston Frowick and What Was His Impact on Fashion?

The Halston logo

Roy Halston Frowick, known around the world as Halston, was one of the most influential American fashion designers of the 20th century. He is one of the iconic ‘70s designers who defined the fashion of the era , with his elegant, streamlined, and sexy dresses that were staples during the disco era. He … Read more

How to Dress Like a Londoner

People in a street in London

Whether you want to ride the London Eye, see the iconic Big Ben clock tower and Westminster Abbey, take a photo with the Buckingham Palace, tour the Harry Potter studios, or dine in the city’s many incredible restaurants – there are so many reasons why you might want to go to London. … Read more

History of Acrylic Nails

Lavender acrylic nails

One of the best self-care activities is getting your nails done. It’s relaxing, plus it makes you feel really pretty. While most women are satisfied with getting some polish or a simple manicure, some want to take the extra mile to showcase their hands further by getting acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are … Read more

Top Oscar-Winning Movies For Best Costume Design

ring from The Lord of the Rings

Over 90 films have won the most prestigious film honor, the Academy Award for Best Costume Design since it was first given in 1994. Most of the time, films with historically accurate clothing take home the prize.  But it’s not just the clothes that count in movies; hairstyles and makeup are as … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Men’s Shoe Fashion

Man sitting on the wall wearing brogues

If it is true that a man’s dress is evaluated from the shoes upwards, then it is his tone that influences someone’s judgment first. Recently, the shoes like everything else in men’s outfit have become less rigid. Nowadays, you can wear oxfords with jeans and trainers with suits. But the key to … Read more