What are the Differences Between Crew Neck Shirts and Round Neck Shirts?

T-shirts always stay in style. Whether you are just staying at home to gain renewed energy from last week’s hustle or going out to meet your friends, t-shirts are top of the line regarding versatility and comfort, making them a go-to-choice for many people. 

Among the many types of t-shirts, crew neck, and round neck shirts are two popular styles that men and women commonly wear. They are often used interchangeably, but the two have subtle differences. Understanding these significant differences can help individuals make more stylish fashion decisions when choosing which shirt style to wear. Let’s take a closer look.

Crew Neck vs. Round Neck

Neckline Shape

The name “Crew Neck” comes from the word crew because similarly shaped suits with similar necklines were worn by rowers (crews) on boats. A crew neck is a round neck, without a collar, that sits close to the neck. These necklines were used initially on sweaters and shirts worn by rowers, hence the name. After originally being introduced as rowers’ sweaters, the neckline was adopted for the undershirts of the United States military and American football players.

Meanwhile, a round-neck shirt also has a round neckline but tends to be slightly broader and more open than a crew neck. The round neck may sit lower on the neck than a crew neck. Also, since crew neck shirts have a round neckline that sits higher on the neck, usually just below the collarbone, this shirt style is generally considered more conservative and is typically worn in professional settings. In contrast, round-neck shirts have wider, more profound necklines and sit lower than the chest. This shirt style is often considered more casual and is famous for everyday wear.

Overall Fit

Another difference between crew neck shirts and crew neck shirts is the overall fit. Crew neck shirts tend to be tighter and fit closer to the body. Those who want a more fitted and sophisticated look often favor this style.

On the contrary, round neck shirts have a looser, more comfortable design, bringing a relaxed, casual look. This type of shirt is often chosen for its simple, effortless appeal.

Layering Style

Crew neck t-shirts allow you to layer. The crew neck can be worn as a base layer because it tightly sits on the body, making it close-fitting. A second layer of a t-shirt, sweater, or longer shirt is worn over the top to create a look that accentuates the different layers and contrasts of the outfit.

The crew neck is a more versatile piece, perfect for layering. To create a more sophisticated look, wear a crewneck sweater with a shirt underneath, but the collar is inside the sweater. Finish by throwing on a stylish coat like a quilted jacket or raincoat for a versatile look that can take you from day to night.

Since most round necks are cut further from the neck, they’re best suited for warmer temperatures when you don’t mind showing off your neck, chest, and shoulders. However, this cannot be done with other types of round necks. They are often worn in one layer, with a thicker jacket or sweater in cold weather.

Sleeve Length

Sleeve length is also a distinction between crew neck and round neck shirts. Crew neck shirts usually have short sleeves that reach above the elbow. This sleeve length is versatile and can be worn in different seasons. On the other hand, round neck shirts can have short sleeves, long sleeves, or even no sleeves. This variety allows individuals to choose the sleeve length that best suits their style and weather conditions.

Printing and Style

A crew neck is ideal for printing larger designs because there is more space from the neck to the chest. The round neck is suitable for smaller models because it is cut farther away from the neckline while exposing more of the neck and shoulders. It is best to wear these types of t-shirts in the summer.

Style and Fashion on Different Occasions

Crew neck shirts are often considered to have a more formal or classic style. They give a leaner, more structured look and are often worn as undershirts or as part of a layered outfit. They can wear high or low outfits depending on the occasion. Round neck shirts are often considered more comfortable and casual. They are famous for everyday wear and are often chosen for their comfort and versatility. Round neck shirts are usually worn alone as casual wear.   You can also consider corporate events for your team style and look at options like buying bulk tee shirts Canada.  

Body Type

Crew necks are best suited for people with thin, average, and athletic body types. Crew neck t-shirts work exceptionally well for those with athletic builds. Choose t-shirts that highlight your toned chest and arms. For individuals with a muscular physique, look for crew neck t-shirts that offer extra room in the chest and shoulders without being overly baggy. Also, crew neck t-shirts can work well for taller individuals. Look for t-shirts with longer torsos to avoid the “too short” look.

If you have a larger body figure or a rounder face, there may be better choices than a crew neck. Since they make your face and body look larger, not everyone will appreciate how they look with a round neck.

As for round neck shirts, they are very versatile and suitable for all body types. These necklines are one of the most popular because they are very neutral and don’t make your body look bigger or smaller. However, avoid these necklines and opt for a crewneck sweater or collared shirt if you’re going to a formal event.


Crew neck and round neck shirts may appear similar but differ in neckline shape, sleeve length, prints, fashion style, body type fit, and layering. By understanding these differences, individuals can choose the shirt that best suits their preferences and the occasion. Both types have advantages and can be found in different fabrics, colors, materials, and styles to suit individual fashion styles and needs.