How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses

A wedding is considered one of the most difficult and expensive events to organize, as there are multiple aspects of it that need to be taken care of so that the wedding would look much better and more organized. One of those important aspects is choosing the dresses for the bride and the bridesmaids. While choosing the dress for the bride is often the focus of many wedding organizers and the couples that are going to be wed, only a few of them actually take the time to pick the best dresses for the bridesmaids.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that bridesmaids are also important at weddings, as they are the ones that accompany the bride not only during the wedding itself but also for photoshoots that are taken before the wedding. So, it is essential that the dresses of the bridesmaids should match well with the bride’s dress. If you don’t have an idea of what to pick as dresses for bridesmaids, here are some tips on how to choose the best bridesmaid dresses.

Choose the Right Colors

In order for the bridesmaid dresses to match well with the bride’s dress, you should choose the right colors. Almost all dresses for brides are white in color, so choosing a lighter color for the dresses of the bridesmaids is ideal, although darker colors like burgundy shades, maroon, and navy blue are also chosen by wedding organizers and to-be-wed couples since these colors produce better contrast and would allow the bride’s dress to become more prominent in photos.

The colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses would also often determine the primary colors of the weddings, so choose colors wisely since they will dictate what the wedding ceremony and reception would look like. Use only one or two colors for the wedding so that everything will look uniform. You can go for three colors, but picking over three may be too much if you are going for the neutral look.

Pick a Simple Dress Design

dark blue dresses for bridesmaids

Once you have chosen the colors that will be used not only for the bridesmaid dresses but also for the entire wedding ceremony and reception, you can then start picking a design for the dress. It is ideal to pick the simplest dress designs for the bridesmaid, and the design shouldn’t overpower the look of the bride’s dress.

The length of the dresses should also be considered, and while dresses with long skirts are more common for weddings, shorter skirts would allow your bridesmaids to move easier and comfortably. If you are going for a wedding that is set on the beach or near a cliffside, we highly recommend giving your bridesmaids dresses that have shorter skirts for better movement while also not worrying about the mud and dirt that may stick on the end of their skirt due to the outdoor venue.

However, a simple design doesn’t necessarily mean that there shouldn’t be any bells and whistles on the bridesmaids’ dresses, as you can also opt for dresses that have ruffled sleeves, a textured satin fabric that has the ivory color of ChicSew UK, or an intricate embroidery. You can also consult your bridesmaids and see what designs they would like on their dresses. The dresses for the bridesmaids may be different from each other based on design, but for uniformity, you can just have one design that all bridesmaids agree on wearing.

Match the Design of the Bridesmaid Dress to the Theme of the Wedding

To have an easier time choosing the design for the bridesmaid dresses, you should follow the theme of the wedding ceremony and reception. For example, if the wedding has a 70s theme, you should choose dresses that were popular during that era. Following the theme of the wedding when it comes to clothing choices will make things much easier for you, especially when you are also taking care of other aspects of the wedding.

If the dresses don’t match the overall theme or aesthetic of the wedding, the bridesmaid may look awkward or out of place in the event. So, make their dresses blend in with the theme to make everything look perfect, from the decorations to the clothing of your guests.

Get Accessories that Go Well with the Dresses

bridesmaids wearing matching earrings

Accessories help in elevating the outfit, and for bridesmaids, these accessories can make their dresses look livelier despite having a relatively simple design. The accessories that go well with bridesmaid dresses are rings and necklaces, although the color of these accessories would depend on the color of the dresses. Lighter-colored dresses would look better with gold accessories, while darker colors can go for either gold or silver accessories.

If possible, you can just let your bridesmaid choose what accessories they want to wear for the wedding. These accessories will help the bridesmaids to subtly look different from each other if they are wearing the same dress design. However, you may want to limit the number of accessories they can wear, as some of them may wear too many accessories that overpower the simplicity of their dress.

Don’t Forget to Ask for Their Measurements

Whenever you are going to choose a dress for your bridesmaids, you shouldn’t forget to ask them for their measurements. If they want a better fit for their dress, you can have the bridesmaid dresses custom-made to their measurements and specifications. However, having custom-made dresses can be quite expensive, so only get these if you have a high budget for the wedding.

If you cannot afford custom-made dresses, you can just get ready-made dresses that fit the best for your bridesmaids. You can ask them to accompany you in choosing dresses so that they will also have the opportunity to fit different dresses and see which ones look the best on them.

Choosing dresses for your bridesmaid can take a lot of time and effort, but it will all be worth it in the end, as the dresses will surely elevate the overall look of your wedding while also making your bridesmaids feel comfortable and look fabulous in what they are wearing.