What are Adjustable Bezel Rings and The Benefits of Investing In One?

Rings are precious pieces of jewelry adored by both women and men. Rings are the oldest of all kinds of ornaments, and their history dates back to 2500 BC. First discovered in the ancient tombs of Egypt, even today, rings are equally popular and in demand.

There is a unique thing about jewelry from around the world; they differ in design and represent culture. An artistic Indian ring is much different than the simple American band; similarly, one such unique ring is a bezel ring.

Talking about the varieties of finger rings, the list is never-ending; however, there is one type that brings tradition and modernity together: bezel rings.

More About Bezel Rings

The specialty of bezel rings lies in their unique design, where the band is wide and made of metal, and a stone sits in the middle to give it a unique look. Although for decades, a bezel ring has been considered ideal for the occasion of engagement, today, jewelers are experimenting a lot with artificial or semi-precious stones and turning them into a fashionable choice.

Today, not only can you customize the stones, the color of the metal, and the designs, but you can also choose between fixed and adjustable rings. An adjustable bezel ring can match every outfit of yours, whether it is casual or ethnic.

Why Are They In Fashion These Days?

The idea of a bezel ring has evolved from ancient Egyptian tombs. Thousands of centuries back, the unimaginable Egyptian craftsmanship of placing a precious stone in the middle of a metal band is still relevant and in fashion today. Today, we know it as a bezel ring.

Over the centuries, a bezel ring has been considered ideal for engagement, mainly because it carries a precious stone, and one could customize a message in its band. In the present day, they are not only famous as engagement rings but are also becoming the most fashionable choice for everyday wear and an excellent match with fashionable outfits.

This is why most women of the modern era choose bezel rings with fancy stones that include moonstone, topaz, vermeil, ruby, and chalcedony.

Benefits of Investing In Bezel Rings

Pieces of jewelry are not just an asset for a lifetime; they are the most precious possessions to pass on to future generations. In this modern era, jewelry is being shaped with ‘never seen like before’ designs; the same goes for these rings; they are being shaped with precious stones and modern designs. Here are some excellent reasons to try them out:

  • These rings are made with solid metal and are ideal for everyday use.
  • Precious and semi-precious stones come in the brightest and light shades; hence, there are a lot of color preferences available.
  • The band of this ring is ideal for holding precious stones. The fit is so perfect that you can wear them anytime, anywhere.
  • They can create a beautiful visionary effect making the precious stone look wider.
  • It does not attract dirt; hence the shine remains the same for a lifetime.
  • It can be easily cleaned with soaps or detergents and warm water, rinsed, and towel dried.
  • They can match every type of outfit.

Summing Up

No one can deny that finger rings add value to your hands and enhance the overall look. A ring with an eye-catching stone, perhaps pink, blue, sapphire, or sea green, can create a good impression and tell a lot about your rich taste.

Bezel rings are both antique and modern because they beautifully carry a traditional look along with a tinge of contemporary style. They can be fixed or adjustable, and either way, they can make people around you go wow!