How to start your capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of selected items of clothing that are classic in both style and color. This collection also has items of clothing that you love wearing. 

A capsule wardrobe is built around your lifestyle, fashion style, and the things you love. While minimalists described capsule wardrobe as something that should determine your clothing for the year with about 30 to 50 items, you still have more liberty to make choices.

So, how do you start your capsule wardrobe?

Study your style and lifestyle

The most important thing about building a capsule wardrobe is to create it around your style and lifestyle, so you need to define your style and the types of clothes that go well or suit your lifestyle.

Suppose you are still trying to figure out your style or the clothing items that fit perfectly in your lifestyle. In that case, you can start by identifying your primary activities, such as the things you often do, the things you do in your free time, and the basic clothing items in your closet. Then, further examine if all the items on your wardrobe are worn or used as they should be since some people have clothing items on their closets that they rarely wear or use and these items only take up physical and visual space.

Knowing your style and lifestyle is the first step to creating your capsule wardrobe and will also guide you whenever you go shopping in the future.

Another way of examining your style is by keeping track of all the clothing items you wear or use for 30 days. This will enable you to see which things seem to be your favorite, which ones go well with many items, and which ones are for occasional activities.

You can manually do this or download an app to guide you in this process.

Empty your closet

a full set of attire

Start pulling out your clothes from your closet and make sure that it is empty. Then, you can start creating your capsule wardrobe.

First, you need to choose your base color. Typically, you can choose between navy or black as these colors go with many clothing items and colors. If you are unable to select from the two, you can also go with a brown base. However, you should only choose one since base colors do not usually go with each other.

Making a capsule wardrobe does not mean you have to get rid of the other clothing items, such as your dresses for special occasions. You need to set them aside or store them separately, so all you have is a capsule wardrobe with items you can quickly see and choose from for everyday use.

Some people also do seasonal capsule wardrobes. This means that they compile all the clothes intended for that season, and as seasons change, they can easily change their capsule wardrobe to another set of items. This way, there is less clutter in your closet, and you only see what you need and like to use.

For instance, consider clothing items for the rainy season, summer, or winter.

Decide on Your Neutral-color Essentials

From choosing your base color, you need to select the items that will coordinate with this base color. These are tops and bottoms that you can pair with your base-color items. Ideally, you need to go for neutral ones, such as black, white, gray, chambray, and beige.

Also, prioritize classic items, such as white button-up shirts, gray short sleeve tees, beige sweaters, white long sleeve tee, black skirt, etc.

Get Playful with Accent Color and Pattens (optional)

Accentuating your capsule wardrobe with a touch of color is an option, but this is a great chance to incorporate your favorite color or color schemes. Just make sure that when you layer or combine these accent pieces, they still go well with your base color and neutral essentials.

You can get inspiration from fashion and models in different eras.

You may also add 1 to 3 pieces of patterned items to create more life and color to your capsule wardrobe. These can be patterned tops, bottoms, skirts, or dresses. A popular patterned essential is the horizontal striped tee, which also goes with a lot of your clothing items.

Shoes and Accessories

Finally, choose the shoes and accessories you often use and go well with most of your capsule wardrobe items. These accessories can include jewelry or purses.

Since accessories are relatively small items, you can also get playful and creative with them.

Then, you already have a capsule wardrobe! It will guide you on your style and lifestyle and make your life more decluttered. Do not worry much about rules. After all, fashion and style are all about experimentation, utility, and creativity.

Take the liberty to make a capsule wardrobe that is both essential and stylish.