Tips for Buying Dog Apparel

Do you remember how you feel when you want to get new clothes for yourself? Excited, right? That is the exact way you will feel when you want to purchase apparel for your pooch. Dog apparel is a great way to make your doggy look fashionable and at the same time, protect it from the elements.

While you want your pup to look good, you must be careful when buying apparel for it. Some may offer more aesthetics and less protection. Hence, you need to consider certain factors when making a purchase.

Things to Consider when Buying Dog Clothes

When you want to buy clothes for your pup, consider the following features:

1. Fabric Quality

There are different types of fabric to choose from. You can go for cotton, knits, fleece, or blends. Ensure that you choose a top-quality fabric that is durable and will make your dog comfortable.

2. Size of the Clothes

Because dogs come in various sizes, their clothes also have different sizes. It is very important to select the proper size for your dog. Some clothes are specially made for large dog breeds like Great Dane or Mastiff. Irrespective of the size of your pet, ensure that the clothing is neither too tight nor too loose.

If the clothing is too loose, your pet may trip over and if it is too tight, it will not be comfortable. You can check out California canine dog clothes for sale to see a variety of sizes for all dog breeds. The collections are stylish and reflect the preferences of pet owners.

3. The Comfort Level

It is important to buy comfortable apparel for your furry friend. Ensure that your dog can easily put them on as well as remove them. Also, it shouldn’t restrict movement and should allow the dog to carry out bodily functions with no obstruction.

Additionally, if you discover that your dog prefers T-shirts over jerseys, do not push them to accept your choice. You can spruce up its looks with various accessories. Remember that your dog should not wear a collar or harness that is tight. Otherwise, it will result in itching.

4. Safety of the Clothing Items

This is a crucial feature to consider when choosing dog apparel. Remember that dogs are just like babies. They need extra care. Therefore, ensure you do not buy clothes that have zips, buttons, bows, etc. This is because your pet may rip them off.

Furthermore, there is a concern that clothing with embellishments like buttons and studs may result in choking. Dogs have tendencies to bite or chew and swallow those items. Therefore, it will be better not to choose them.

However, if your pet is not new to clothes, is older, and doesn’t chew items from clothes, you can consider buying clothes with buttons. In the case of zips, they may get stuck or entangle with your pet’s fur. So it is better to avoid them. Clothes with Velcro offer a safe option and they are not difficult to fasten.

5. Utility of the Clothes

You should consider choosing clothes according to the weather condition of where you stay. T-shirts and scarves are ideal for warmer climates while cold places call for clothing that will keep the dog warm and comfortable like jerseys and sweaters. When you are selecting a raincoat or a poncho, ensure you get one with reflective strips behind, so vehicles can easily spot your doggy in the dark.

Why Dogs Should Wear Clothes

Below are some reasons why dogs should wear clothes.

1. Cleanliness

Getting clothes for your pooch helps it to remain clean after grooming. And less dirt means you don’t have to bathe it frequently. Clothing serves as a buffer to the dog, especially when it is outdoors.

Also, it ensures that the amount of dirt it carries around with it outdoors is negligible. This is beneficial when it rolls in grasses or does something disgusting; the clothing bears the brunt.

2. Age

Older dogs generally face different medical conditions that may lead to a reduction in the normal heat level of their bodies. Diseases like arthritis become worse in cold weather. Hence, getting a coat for them will keep them snug during the winter season or cold evenings.

Additionally, a waterproof coat will help to keep them warm and dry when taking walks. Ensure you get the right size that will make them move freely and won’t hinder their privates.

3. Comfort in Hot Weather

During the summer months, some people shave the furs of their dogs. This action can make those dogs miss the advantages of insulation that natural furs provide. Dogs with light-colored skins may suffer sunburns during summer.

This explains why working, sporting, and police dogs wear summer coats that are lightweight. So if you’re an outdoorsy person and you want your doggy to take walks with you, ensure you get the proper apparel.

4. Health Issues

The immune system of a dog becomes weak when it falls sick. If a dog has a health condition like Cushing’s disease, the furs or coat may be affected. As a result, it will become prone to cold, whether it is outdoors or indoors.

Whatever the case may be, you can use lightweight clothing to keep it warm when indoors. Then when you are outdoors, it needs a warmer coat for protection from the harsh weather condition.

5. Warmth

Short-haired and hairless breeds, including clipped or shaved young pups, are vulnerable during cold seasons. In fact, small breeds usually lose body heat more rapidly compared to large breeds. As a result, they find it difficult to keep themselves warm.

Their single hair coats do not provide enough protection from cold. So if your pup falls in this category, getting coats for them will not be a bad idea. You may want to read this article to know other reasons why dogs should wear coats.


We shared simple tips for buying dog apparel and we hope they help you find suitable outfits for your furry friend. Your dog will not only look stunning when you are outdoors but will also stay safe despite the weather.