Must Have Black Items in Your Wardrobe

In a world where good fashion is second nature, it can pressure us just to think about what to wear for today’s day out. Having great fashion sense reveals more of our personality, and the validation and admiration coming from other people can be great motivators and boosters of our self-confidence. But, with a closet full of clothes to mix and match, sometimes we feel distressed – consuming more time than we should, and we end up not getting the outfit the way we want it.

Reassessing our wardrobe is key to this madness. Choosing the correct items and staples to include in your closet saves time and pressure to be at your best look whatever the occasion is. And what better inclusion to your wardrobe than a collection of black items?

While black color can be a cliché and ordinary, there is an elegance to it. It has some versatility when combined with the other colors. It represents formality and strength, and it goes well with almost any color and design. So, when reassessing your wardrobe, throwing in some blacks in your closet might not be a bad idea after all; having black items is a must. This article gives you a list of must-have black staples in your wardrobe.

#1 Black Blazer

You will never have to worry about establishing a trendy, casual, and formal vibe when you have a black blazer in your wardrobe. Black blazers are so versatile you can wear them on almost every occasion. It goes perfectly well in office wear, formal dresses, and even casual get up like knitwear and plains.

#2 Black Sweaters 

beige and black knitwears hung in a rack

Black sweaters are also a perfect addition to your closet, for they do not only make excellent layering pieces, but they can also be a classy stand-alone that can match your favorite denim. Wools and knitwear are winter-weather perfect, for that comfy and snuggly yet elegant attire. With a couple of V-neck and turtleneck sweaters in your wardrobe, you need not worry about what to wear on late-night dates, as you can layer any of them with a matching coat or leather jacket. 

#3 Black Coats

Winters can be too cold at times – that’s what coats are for. But, more than that, good-quality coats are worth the investment, especially when getting through the winter with chic and glam. A black coat is another essential item that deserves a spot on your wardrobe since it gets along with your other pieces quite perfectly. Black is a neutral color that matches almost any color and design, so when investing in good coats, you might as well choose black. Believe us; you will find yourself using that black coat more often instead of your colored ones.

#4 Black Jeans

Denim is a wardrobe staple that doesn’t go out-of-style, ever. It’s a great addition to your wardrobe as you would want to feel comfy and natural while having a quick stroll outside, yet still being classy. With black jeans, you can always make sure you have the right match for your plain or printed tops on a casual day. Black jeans are also pretty versatile as you can personalize them – tweaking them to fit your style.

#5 Black Trousers

You can have a variety of mix-and-match options with a pair of tailored black trousers. Since it is not necessarily a part of a matching suit, you have all the freedom to choose what shape and cut fit your taste. Black trousers are also versatile matches for your tops, giving you as many options as possible when deciding for your OOTD – they are so easy to dress up or down. Given today’s pandemic situation where everyone’s been working from home, getting into fashion with your cozy knitwear, black trousers, and a pair of Chuck Tailors may be your go-to outfit.

#6 Black Foot Wear

For that comfy, casual, and street-wise look, you can always find confidence in a pair of black Converse. This footwear goes along with almost any type of jeans and trousers. It can also match dresses! Another footwear that should have a spot on your wardrobe is a pair of black boots. This footwear can also be your go-to when you need to dress smart and casual.

#7 Black Handbags

Whether it’s a tote, a crossbody, a micro bag, or a medium-sized black shoulder bag, you have to get a couple of these in your wardrobe. Black handbags don’t only need to be practical – they have to go along with your entire nice outfit. So when reassessing your closet, make sure to include any of these items that not only match your personality but feel just right for you and your lifestyle.

#8 Black Sunglasses

Finding the right shape, size, style, and color are keys to choosing the perfect sunglasses. And we can all agree that black sunglasses beat every other color. A pair of black sunglasses give extra detail to our outfit, in addition to that ‘mysterious’ vibe. Sunglasses mostly come in black and may not be that hard to find in your local stores, so it’s no excuse not to have one!

#9 Black Belts

Simple and chic, a black belt adds a touch of detail, especially when wearing all blacks. It breaks the monotony of black color, which makes your outfit less ‘harsh. Black leather belts are pretty versatile as you can wear them on your jeans and trousers of any color. You might not really need one, but sometimes when you look at the mirror, something doesn’t feel right about the color dynamics of your outfit, and simply tossing in that black belt with a golden buckle usually solves your dilemma.