Major Work Shoe Brands

There are a lot of different professions out there that require appropriate footwear for the job. There are people in the restaurant business that need non-slip shoes, nurses that need certain types of shoes when they are on the floor for hours, and then there are the construction boots that all men and women need to wear on the site. Although all of these shoes need to be worn for different jobs, there are many major manufacturers that produce and provide what’s needed.

Here, we’ll discuss the footwear requirements for several occupations and the brands that provide the best options. Luckily, the best kind of work boots and shoes are available for all types of occupations. They’re also available in several price ranges, so even a low-wage worker might be able to purchase a decent pair for his or her own safety.

 Construction Boots

Work shoes on a construction site are one of the most important personal protective equipment one can have in that area. This is because the construction boots are meant to protect the workers’ feet, which could easily face injury due to the heavy equipment everywhere. A construction worker with a broke or injured foot isn’t much use to his or her employers, so they’ll suffer from such accidents in more ways than one.

For the most part, construction sites require their workers to wear steel-toed boots to protect their toes from falling debris and other job-related accidents. For this reason, it’s important not to compromise on the price of construction shoes or boots. If your company isn’t providing the right kind of footwear, you may have to ask for better ones or splurge for the sake of your safety.

There are a few name brands that are normally a little pricier, but it could mean the difference of keeping your toes or losing them. For the most part, the men and women that need construction boots will buy name brands like Chippewa, Timberland, Caterpillar, John Deere, McRae, and many more. Traditionally, construction workers have purchased Timberland boots. These boots might cost a little more than the rest, but they are created to really take a beating and last for a long while. All of the other brands mentioned here are also popular construction boots, but their prices are a little lower. These boots will get the job done, but they might not last as long as Timberlands.

Some examples of the best construction work boots include Timberland PRO Men’s Pit Boss 6˝ Steel-Toe Work Boots, the Caterpillar Diagnostic Steel Toe Waterproof Boot, and the Wolverine Men’s Raider 6˝ Contour Welt Boot. These have the coveted steel toes that would prevent heavy items from crushing your foot. The best options here also include antimicrobial treatments, protection from electric hazards, and welted construction for extra durability.  If you work in roofing for example you will need the proper shoes for roofing.

Nursing Shoes

Have you been to the doctors lately and took a look at the nurses’ work shoes? Many nurses wear the same type of nursing shoe because they need comfort and support. Most nurses are on their feet all day, and they normally pull some really long shifts. This is especially true if they work in a hospital rather than a small clinic or have to work during the holiday season.

It is for this reason that there are many brands of shoes that make nursing shoes for all those men and women who need comfort, support, durability, and several other practical functions.

A few of the major name brands for nursing shoes are Dansco, Klogs, Anywear, Cherokee, and many more. All of these brands created a nursing shoe with the specific needs of this occupation in mind. Some of the different name brands are a little more expensive than the others, but some of the more expensive brands will last a little longer similar to the construction boots.


When you’re working as a carpenter, you risk spilling polish or paint on your shoes or dropping heavy objects like hammers on them. This is why it’s recommended that carpenters wear lace-up boots that provide a lot of ankle support. This is essential especially when working on large projects such as furniture or even a whole house. Waterproof options are also a good idea, as you may have to work in damp conditions.

Most of the top shoe brands for carpenters features outsoles that are resistant to both punctures and slipping. This would help you keep your grip on a workroom floor and save your feet from any stray nails. Safety is very important when your main job surrounds you with sharp objects like nails, screws, saws, and other equipment.

A sturdy shank is also required for climbing ladders. This would ease any impact on your calves and feet in general. If the outsole is cushioned, you’d feel comfier even when standing on a hard surface like concrete for hours on end. Boots with electric shock resistance are also recommended. Again, carpenters prefer the Timberland brand for their jobs, with the Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss Steel-Toe Boot being among the best choices. However, there are other brands that provide excellent options like the Thorogood American Heritage Steel-Toe Work Boot and the Irish Setter Aluminum-Toe Work Boot.


When we think of shoes, we often think of high fashion, high heels or a well-heeled men’s shoe. But the reality is that millions of men and women go to work every single day. For their work purposes, the shoes they wear are mostly defined by their requirements, and not what the fashion trends dictate.

In order to ensure your safety at work, you should always check to see if a certain pair of shoes has the required certification for your occupation. If you can manage the higher prices, it would also be a logical idea to purchase work shoes with fashionable design and styling. You never know when you might have to attend an event after work or hang out with friends! Safety and comforts still remain the topmost priority, though, so don’t compromise in these areas for the sake of fashion.