Choosing the Right Shoe for Your Wedding Day

Finding for a perfect pair of shoes for your wedding day?

A wedding day is the most exciting, important and momentous occasion for a couple’s life. Especially for the bride, for it is the peak of her own dreams. And since it is her day, it’s inevitable that she will want to be the most dazzling and gorgeous bride ever.

Of course, aside from the wedding gown, the bride will want to wear the prettiest pair of shoes for her wedding day. However, every so often brides are encountering difficulties in finding the perfect pair. The shoes they have chosen may look gorgeous but try as they might, they find them too uncomfortable to wear. Still, many brides-to-be frequently choose the aesthetic aspects of the wedding shoes rather than their comfort. They may choose a pair that would hurt their feet but is the latest in shoe fashion.

Here are the tips for choosing the right pair of shoes for your most important day.

1. Comfort and functionality

Comfort and functionality should the most important things to consider by every bride-to-be when choosing shoes for her wedding day. You should find a pair of shoes that you find comfortable wearing, not just on your wedding day but in any occasion. You may have found the prettiest shoes that you’ve been dreaming about, but if you can’t walk in them comfortably then you’ll know they’re not the right shoes for you. As a bride-to-be, you don’t want to appear limping (and trying to hide it while walking down the aisle, and eventually appear awkward). And you don’t want to painfully smile for photos while enduring foot aches — and this is really difficult. You may not be able to enjoy your big day with hurting feet.

2. Test your shoes

You may have tried a pair and decided that they seem to fit perfectly, then paced a few steps back and forth. But it should be more than that. Your shoes will likely be on your feet on your wedding day much more than you think. Apart from walking down the aisle, your shoes will be with you while you stand there for the vows, on the reception, and on your photo shoots. Spend some more time testing your shoes by walking around on different surfaces — on the tiles, on the hardwood, on the carpet — to see if you won’t slip wearing them. Further, test your shoes by trying to walk up and down a flight of stairs to see if they slip or if your feet would hurt. So before your wedding day comes, don’t wait to try them out to avoid all these possible issues.

3. Your shoes should match your dress OR you may want to spice things up with your shoes

The right wedding shoes should complement your dress and at the same time, they should suit your own personality and tastes. Even if your dress is floor-length, you’ll most likely have your wedding shoes peek out under the helm. If you are the more traditional type of bride, you should choose the classic white pair of shoes, or shoes with subtle shades that match your gown. To keep up with the thoroughly classic approach, you should choose a shoe made of traditional, feminine materials such as satin, velvet, silk or lace.

But if you’d like to spice things up in your wedding outfit, choose a pair of shoes that will be likely more noticeable. If you want to add some glitz, choose metallic-looking shoes such as gold and silver. They add some glam twist to an otherwise overall traditional look. Or choose a pair of shoes with eye-popping color and designs, but still try to make sure to find shades that should match the color scheme of your overall wedding theme to keep things looking in harmony.

4. Consider your personality and style

A wedding day may also be the opportunity for both the bride and the groom (but especially for the bride) to let their own personalities shine. Since this is your day, it’s your every right to wear anything that matches your own personality and preferences but at the same time without bordering to the outrageous. Besides, it adds an element of quirkiness and fun. Try to match the color of your shoes to the theme of your wedding, or even wear a pair of Converse sneakers if that’s your (and your groom’s) style. Or wear ballet flats if you prefer. Besides, there are no strict rules in wearing the best wedding shoes, as long as you choose a pair that you like best and are comfortable with.

5. Consider the weather and the environment

For instance, if you’re having an outdoor wedding, keep an eye on the weather prediction for this might directly affect on your special day. This factor should also influence you in buying shoes. If you’re having a ceremony on grass or sand, there could be the possibility of rain. If that’s the case, mud will probably ruin your wedding footwear so wearing stilettos is out of the question. It would be a good idea to wear wedges or boots for the ceremony itself and then switch to high heel shoes for the indoor reception.

6. Choose shoes that you can wear not only on your wedding day but at any time of the day

You should find a pair that doesn’t only look pretty and feel comfortable, but it should also have durability and the right price. You may want to find a pair of shoes that you would want to wear not only on your wedding day but on any occasion. It might not hurt if you spend a little bit more of your fortune to buy the perfect pair of shoes. It may not be easy to find a very good pair of shoes with the right balance of beauty, quality, and price. But rather than buying a cheap, poor-quality pair of shoes just for your wedding, buying an excellent pair of shoes will be worth it so that you can continue to enjoy wearing them again and again.