Fashionable Jackets for Fall & Winter

Fashionable jackets bought for the fall may also be worn during the winter months. People enjoy having a jacket that fits their wardrobe and accentuates their lifestyle. A jacket can be an invaluable accessory for many outfits, so make sure it matches several items.

The colors you select will determine if your fashionable jacket can be worn with other pieces of clothing or if it’s only intended for one particular outfit. When selecting your jacket, getting the right size is vital in order to properly show off your figure.

Favorite Fall Jackets

Ladies like to make sure that they select a fashionable fall jacket that shows off their curves. The baggy jacket is only worn when you want to give off the grubby look or know that it’s going to be worn at certain sporting events.

Most ladies prefer tailored jackets in order to achieve the best possible appearance. Another disadvantage of the baggy jacket is that it can also give ladies a somewhat masculine look. Of course, some women may actually prefer this feature and hence look for baggy or boxy jackets.

However, it’s probably safe to say that many females would need a fashionable jacket that can be worn with dress slacks or look good with their jeans. If they can be carried forward to the winters, so much the better. When selecting the right jacket for your requirements, you want to consider the current fashion as well as whether it’s warm enough for the nippy weather.  

The Right Fabric

Traditional jacket fabrics such as tweed, denim, jean, corduroy and some plaids wear well with just about all types of clothing. These fabrics are usually heavy enough to keep you warm during the colder months of winter. In some cases, you might want to wear a sweater with your jacket, which is fashionable in many areas.

There are stylish jackets that actually come with matching sweaters. You might also consider wearing a white shirt under your fall jacket to make it look even dressier. When the weather is warmer, you can simply remove the sweater and make do with the light jacket. There’s no need to compromise on your health for the sake of fashion.

Other popular material options for fashionable fall jackets include wool, leather, cotton, and even silk. These come in various weights and price ranges, with leather and pure silk being the more expensive options. You may also be able to get the best of both worlds by having a cotton jacket with silk lining. This would bring the price down while still giving you a luxurious feeling.

Price Ranges

The issue with most fashionable and versatile fall jackets is that they could cost a pretty penny. However, you might be able to find a stylish option that won’t break the bank. It might not last as long as a high-end investment piece but would probably do for at least one season.

If you can afford to spend a little more on a fall jacket, there are also many mid-range options that won’t cost a lot but still last for a few years. These would also be of thicker material, so you’d get more use out of them even when the cooler months arrive.

Finally, there are some branded and luxurious fall jackets available that would make you feel like a million bucks. You might want to save up for one of these, as they’re more of an investment that would hopefully last a lifetime.

We’ll be discussing a few examples of the most fashionable fall jackets below. These would hopefully get you familiar with the options as well as helping you with the final decision:

Trench Coats

A trench coat is always stylish if you prefer a more covered-up look. If you live in a rainy climate, this kind of coat is a classic style that would always look elegant and tasteful. Look around for a simple cut that’s sure to come in handy for many years. However, this might not be the best option for warmer climates.  

Mid-Length Black Coats

Short jackets might be comfortable, but you want to invest in a mid-length one in a natural shade for your evening excursions. This would look better when you throw it over a fancy evening gown or even a fancy black dress. Black is a reliable and timeless option, which would add interest if you go for an oversized look. An unusual cut would also do the trick, while a unique touch like sparkly buttons would make sure you always stand out.

Having the jacket reach mid-thigh or even your knees is a good idea, as you don’t want to look awkward at formal occasions. What’s even better is that it would go with almost anything you own.  This choice is the best one for wearing to winter weddings or outdoor parties.

Statement Jackets

If you want to get noticed no matter where you go, a statement jacket might reflect your colorful personality. This could be a raccoon coat, peacoat, or just any jacket with a bright and unique hue. An interesting pattern would also be sure to catch everyone’s eye.

If a statement jacket is what you’re looking for, make sure to get one that suits your personal style and is comfy as well as fashionable. Don’t just pick one that you saw in a magazine just because it looked good on the model. When you make the jacket your own choice, you’re likely to feel happier wearing it year after year.


If you get a decent parka made of long-lasting fabric, it can help you through both fall and winter. As far as fashion statements go, parkas are usually considered more on the casual side. You might be able to find one with a fur-lined hood or in a classic color that you may pull off on several occasions.

No matter what you’re wearing inside, a parka is sure to keep you warm in chilly weather. If possible look around for one with a heavy lining that’s detachable. This would help you make the transition from fall to winter and from winter to spring without buying more jackets.

Leather Jackets

If you can find a perfectly-cut leather jacket, it’s worth investing in. This might take up most of your savings, but it would last you for several seasons. In fact, some genuine leather jackets might even be passed down through generations if they’re maintained properly. Some pleather options might be just as classy for a smaller price tag, but they likely won’t last as long.

Finally, you can make your leather jacket more fashionable by going for some statement jewelry, stud, or a huge collar. If you don’t want to show off your figure on the street, opt for a motorcycle cut that provides a contrast with your feminine dresses.


Choosing the right fall jacket is not easy, especially when you have a limited budget. Once you’ve decided on the right option and invest in it, though, you’d be glad of the purchase. A decent fall and winter jacket can be comfortable and warm without compromising on fashion, so look around before placing an order.