Work From Home Footwear: 5 Chic And Comfy Options

If you’re one of those who’ve opted for the work-from-home lifestyle, you’d know that there are many advantages you can enjoy from doing so. One of those is having the freedom to dress as you please, especially when you don’t have to make video calls every so often. Not everyone enjoys the restrictions that come with office attire, so it’d be nice to be more comfortable as you stay productive at work.

With that, have you considered wearing footwear too as you work from home? Or have you ditched that completely to go barefoot? Technically, you don’t have to wear anything. But if you want to go extra for comfort and to distinguish work from just lounging at home as you ditch your pajamas for better-looking clothes why not add work-from-home footwear to your shopping list too?

As you head out shopping for the perfect work-from-home footwear to keep in your home office, consider the following chic and comfy options:

1. House Slippers

House slippers, also known as fuzzy slippers, are common but well-loved footwear for when you’re just at home, even before working from home rose to popularity as it has done so today. It can be worn for different seasons and even for an entire day.

You don’t need anything fancy for your house slippers. But if you want to go all out with comfort and the budget permits, leveling up to the likes of emu slippers are a good choice.

House slippers today also come with their respective features to boast. There are those which have features meant to provide optimum support while others are also extra fuzzy so they provide warmth. Ultimately, it’s a matter of your preference as to what would keep you comfortable working the whole day long.

2. Sweater Clogs

Scandinavians love their sweater clogs, and that’s for a very good reason: it keeps them warm and comfortable during cold times. When fall and winter come, the temperatures can drop to as low as negative so that even their floors get cold. Any extra warmth on their feet is a matter of necessity now more than a luxury.

Hence, this type of footwear is a good choice for you who are coming from four-seasoned countries. You can keep your sweater clogs along with your winter outfits and take them out to use as you work from home during winter.

3. Lace-Less Rubber Shoes

If you’re looking for an athletic type of shoe to wear at home, then you’ll be glad to wear shoelace-less rubber shoes. Many athletic brands have come up with their own versions, so it’s up to you to choose. These types of shoes are great, especially when you want to quickly do a few workout routines during your break. It’s also comfortable to move around the house, balancing chores and work, when you’re walking on comfortable soles.

Many running shoes today are made from memory foam, which is meant for optimum comfort. Lace-less rubber shoes are also the better choice when working from home as they’re easier to remove and put on.

4. Athletic Slides

Like rubber shoes, athletic footwear brands also now have their renditions of slides. Women, in particular, love their leather slides for their casual days out as they’re easy to wear and remove. For indoor use, athletic or rubber slides are a better choice.

Rubber slides today are manufactured with a special sole. If you choose wisely, you may find slides with layers of foam cushioning, making it seem like you’re walking on fluffy clouds. That’s surely multiple times better than having your feet constricted in closed shoes or heeled sandals when you’re working in a physical office setting.

5. Slip-On Sneakers

The third item on this list focuses mainly on rubber shoes or athletic footwear. This one, however, is slip-on sneakers or lifestyle shoes. They’re not meant for running or working out. Slip-on sneakers are mainly worn for walking around outdoors or indoors.

You don’t have to go all out with your house outfit. But if you’re the type who also wears casual clothes at home as you would when going out, then you’ll love a good and trusted white slip-on sneaker to go with your outfit. This makes you ready for whatever will come your way like when you suddenly have guests around. You’re not just comfortable, but you look great, too.


It may be what you’re used to doing, but walking around barefoot as you work from home is actually worse for your foot health than you think. Likewise, staying comfortable as you work can also affect your productivity. It may seem extra to give so much thought to what footwear you’re wearing, but once you get used to it, you’ll eventually notice the difference it makes. You can now head out shopping with this list of footwear types to choose from to complete your work from home setup.