Top 10 British Fashion Brands

A male model on a runway

London is known for being one of the fashion capitals of the world. It’s also known as the creative capital, as some of the top fashion designers of the globe are based in the United Kingdom. Britain in general boasts some of the best fashion colleges ever, including Central Saint Martins and … Read more

What is Wearable Art?

Today, there a lot of clothes decorated with designs and images and some are called clothing art or wearable art. But what exactly is wearable art? Wearable art is also called an “artwear” or an art to wear. They are handmade pieces of clothing and jewelry which are individually designed as an … Read more

History of the Fashion Show, Runway and Catwalk

History of the Fashion Show Runway and Catwalk

When a designer comes out with a new collection or an important Fashion Week comes around, a fashion show is just around the corner. Even if we’ve never been to a fashion show, we all know just what it entails. There are some gorgeous, skinny (or plus-size) models walking down a runway, … Read more