How to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Skin Tone and Face Shape

Jewelry has always been renowned as a beautiful accessory that can add elegance to any dress. When we buy a piece of jewelry, we usually try to opt for what we feel would look great on us. Once you start feeling confident in what you are wearing, you need not worry about anything. 

However, sometimes that favorite jewelry that appeared highly appealing in the store may not look good on you. The main problem may be that the jewelry cannot compliment your skin tone.

Therefore, it is advisable to opt for pieces that complement your face well. For some people, only circular-shaped pieces suit the most, while for others, they may be square-shaped, spiral-shaped, or heart-shaped. Depending upon your face stone and shape, you should choose your jewelry products. 

Also, you can look for brands such as Ashley that bring jewelry that matches every face cut. Let us read in detail about choosing the right kind of jewelry.

What Are the Different Kinds of Skin Tones? 

We have three primary skin tones: warm, neutral, and cool skin tones. Remember, skin tone and color are two different aspects. 

How To Identify Cool Skin Tones?

People whose veins appear blue or purple indicate a calm skin tone. Also, such people’s skin starts burning rather than tanned when in the heat or under the sun, and the reason behind this is that such people have less melanin value. 

How To Identify That You Have A Warm Skin Tone 

People whose veins color appear green might have a warm skin tone and are more prone to getting tanned when exposed to sunlight quite quickly. Gold is a really flexible accessory to skin tones, you can find more at Roy Jewels

How To Identify That You Have A Neutral Skin Tone 

People whose veins appear blue or green together and are inclined towards each other would have a neutral skin tone. And whenever such people go out in the sun, a part of your body uncovered under the sun may get tanned or sunburnt.

E.g., most people who are fond of buying jewelry might be aware that pearls have three shades in them. Try to buy the shade of pearl which matches your skin tone. The three shades of pearls include the most common one – white pearls, then comes the rose shade pearls and silver shade pearls. Once you get to know different shades of pearls, you can easily match them with your skin tone and buy the one that perfectly fits it. 

People with cool skin tones should opt for either white shade pearls or rose pearls. And people who have a warm skin tone should opt for white or silver shade pearls.  

Determining The Shape of Your Face

Here are a few ways you can use to determine the shape of your face- 

Calculate the size or length, and breadth of your face: Once you have all the measurements in your hand, you can quickly identify which jewelry suits your face the best. You would require a measuring tape and a hair clip or a rubber band to pull back your hair for taking the measurements because it is not included as a part of your face. It makes it easier to measure your face while looking in the mirror.

Take the measurements of your hairline either in centimeters or inches- It’s pretty simple to measure your hairline as you need to place one end of the measuring tape on the right side of the temple and the other one on the left side of the temple and note down those measurements.   

Take the measurements of your cheekbones either in centimeters or inches-Just take the measuring tape and put one end of it on the top part of your right and left cheekbone, and note down the measurements. 

Measure your jawline either in centimeters or inches- Take your measuring tape and take its one part at the left extremity of your jawline and the other part of it on the right extremity of the jawline and note down the measurements. 

Measure your face length in vertical mode, either in centimeters or inches- Take your measuring tape, place one part at the lower part of the chin and the other part of it at the peak of your forehead, and note down the measurements. 


All together, we can conclude that buying jewelry according to the skin tone and shape of your face can quickly help you invest your money in the right piece of jewelry rather than buying the one that looks just good or gives you a good vibe.