A Guide to Trendy Wedding Dresses in 2021

If you are planning to tie the knot in 2021, there’s a lot to arrange and hopefully, you are planning an August/September wedding, to catch the end of this amazing Indian summer we are currently enjoying here in the UK. Regardless of your style and personality, it is nice to see what wedding dress trends are in this year and with that in mind, here are some of the bridal gown styles you will see walking down the aisle in 2021.

  • Bold Prints – Most fashion gurus would have fallen off their chair if you told them that bold prints are in for bridal gowns, yet here we are! Search with Google Images for ‘bold print wedding gowns’ and be prepared to be amazed! Flowery patterns are, of course, very popular for any wedding attire, with endangered animal species prints that carry a strong message and whatever your chosen colour, an online search is all it takes to find a leading bridal gown supplier who specialises in V-neck A-line wedding dresses and check out their extensive catalogue op top-notch wedding dresses.
  • Ivory Silk – It’s no surprise that ivory silk is popular, with layered gowns that are exquisitely designed, your partner can match with his shirt, flower and handkerchief. The online bridal gown boutique is the best place to start browsing for wedding gowns, plus they have a made-to-measure service and can provide you with a measurement system that all but guarantees a perfect fit. Browse at your leisure and when you find the perfect gown, a secure online payment sees the dress packaged and delivered by special courier to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition. Note: When ordering formal clothing online, always leave enough time for minor alterations, which might be required.
  • Bold Shoulders- Puff Sleeves – This 80s bold shoulder look is back with a bang and coupled with puff sleeves, you have the ideal gown for a period wedding. Silk blouson style sleeves with detailed lace incorporated would also be a stunning design, with a plunging or V-neck style for the complete look. Click here for tips on matching a purse to your outfit.
  • Cool Tones – Aside from a shade of white or cream, cool blues, pinks and sapphires in particular, are very often seen at UK wedding this year. Take your time when choosing a colour and Google Images can certainly give you some inspiration. You could have the bridesmaids in the same shade, or one that blends well with your gown, which would be part of the overall theme.
  • The Bohemian Look – This is probably the most popular style of wedding dress in 2021, with bishop sleeves and an empire waist and a unique shade of ivory. Of course, a flower tiara completes the look and this is a chance to wear that Bohemian jewellery. The groom can wear a suitable suit and why not have your bridesmaids dressed in a gypsy style look?

Of course, prior to planning the date of the wedding, check first with UK government Covid updates, as the situation can change at any time.