Why is Biologique Recherche Canada so good?

The women’s beauty product market has always been a strong one, and right now there is possibly more competition for quality products than ever before. In the Canadian market there has – as with many other countries – been a notable move towards more elite and niche brands. This has come about as discerning women have come to recognise that quality in beauty products means better results.

Also, there has been an increase in demand for natural ingredients in beauty and skin care products. This should be no surprise as over time many in the west have adopted long-established eastern ingredients that are largely based on natural ingredients. Soft on the skin, with zero side effects and containing no chemical additives is the mantra for modern beauty and skin products.

So, where does French brand Biologique Recherche come into the picture? This is a quality brand that ticks all the boxes for the modern Canadian woman, with a growing range of products that are at once simple yet also surprisingly effective. Let’s have a look at who Biologique Recherche are, how they came about, and what makes this a brand you need to get closer to.

Who Are Biologique Recherche?

If you want to check out a salon using Biologique Recherche Canada – Myuz Makeup Artistry is a leading name in the market that has been at the forefront of Biologique Recherche and its growth in the Canadian market. Let’s have a little history of the brand.

Despite popular belief Biologique Recherche has been in the market for 40 years or more. Founded in Paris by three people who were extremely disappointed in the standard of the products on offer, the brand was aimed at professionals initially.

The three founders are Yvan, Josette and Phillipe Allouche. A biologist, physiotherapist and doctor by profession, they set up Biologique Recherche as they saw no suitable beauty and skin care products that were of a quality professionals such as themselves would be content with.

They began with a mission to make Biologique Recherche a brand that was respected for various reasons. They wanted to produce beauty products with a clinical approach, rather than a manufacturing one, that required intense research and development. Also among the mission was a desire to use natural active ingredients and introduce rigid quality and product control protocols and methods.

The result is a brand that has a high level of loyalty among its followers, and one that has followed the same mission and vision for four decades and more. Let’s take a look at what it is that makes Biologique Recherche stand out in a busy and often cramped marketplace.

What Makes Biologique Recherche Special?

There are many brands that are based around largely natural beauty products but with Biologique Recherche there is much more to the company ethos than simply that. Here are some of the visions that continue to make Biologique Recherche an important and ground-breaking beauty brand:

  • There are no artificial fragrances in Biologique Recherche products so that they can be used without irritation by those with sensitive skin.
  • All Biologique Recherche products contain at least 20% of botanical, marine and biological extracts for added power and effectiveness.
  • Cold formulation manufacturing processes are used to preserve the original structure in the ingredients within the products. This ensures none of the active effect of the ingredients is lost.
  • Every product in the Biologique Recherche range is designed to act in conjunction with others, ensuring all can be used successfully together for the best and most impressive results.

By keeping in line with the above mission statements it is possible for Biologique Recherche to continually improve and expand its product range while remaining at the higher end of the quality scale in beauty and skin care products. This dedication is upheld by a carefully selected team of directors and other employees who hail from a diverse array of backgrounds and bring special and unique talent and experience to a brand that is focused on giving the customer the best products in the business.

Who Uses Biologique Recherche?

The Canadian health and beauty market is a strong and growing one and products such as those from Biologique Recherche are always going to be popular with Canadian women (Biologique Recherche also has products for male skin care which is a growing market too.)

By offering a choice of lotions, creams and body wraps – among many others – Biologique Recherche has created its own niche in the market and is one of the most respected of all brands. Founded initially to give professionals the quality they expected – and continuing to meet those criteria – there are plenty of users who are everyday persons who simply want to look and feel their best.

Biologique Recherche products are also offered for use in many of the top salons and beauty parlours across Canada, thanks to increasing customer demand for the brand. This can only help cement the stature that this exciting and forward-thinking French based beauty band has in the market. Let’s close by talking about some of the popular products in the Biologique Recherche range.

What are the Popular Products?

The range that put Biologique Recherche on the map and continues to be its most sought after and well-known, is undoubtedly ‘Lotion P50’. This carefully concocted product comes in a range of different options including the standard version, which is the brand’s most powerful exfoliating agent. What makes it special is that Lotion P50 follows all the Biologique Recherche mission requirements precisely and forms the bedrock of what the brand is all about. With no additives, natural ingredients, and a strong loyal customer base that will use no other product, Lotion P50 is perhaps the place to start if you want to get a feel for the brand.

Biologique Recherche products are available at many outlets and can be found in top salons, so why not try this innovative range of cleverly designed beauty and skin care products right now?