White roses in a bouquet: meaning and reasons for a gift

White or cream roses are considered classics in floristry: it is the neutral shade that allows you to highlight the surprisingly elegant shape of the flower and pay maximum attention to the velvety petals. The beauty of neat milky-white buds has been noticed for a long time because they are found in ancient legends, in religious tales, and famous paintings.

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A bouquet of white roses today is considered a universal gift and is very much loved by both florists and buyers. Let’s figure out when, to whom, and why it should be presented and what it means.

White roses and their meaning

Breathtakingly beautiful, but discreet and mysterious, white roses are considered the best way to express your love and tenderness. If we talk about symbolism more specifically, such flowers mean innocence and chastity. That is why these buds are often presented to brides, young girls, and women. A bouquet is as clean as a white leaf and is associated with youth, purity, sinlessness, as well as modesty, and good nature.

This is the perfect bouquet if you need to make a confession, say cherished words out loud, ask for forgiveness and even start all over again. The white bud seems to say: “You are beautiful,” “I admire you,” and “I want to always be near you.”

Beautiful and sophisticated white roses not only speak of intentions but do not demand anything in return. A man who presents his beloved with such a bouquet does not rush her or force her to make a quick decision. He is ready to wait, develop the relationship slowly, and enjoy every minute of spending time together.

Who can you give a bouquet of white roses to?

Since white buds are often associated with youth, they are presented mainly to young girls and women.

Flowers make a great gift for a first date, relationship anniversary, or any other occasion. You can buy roses for no reason – they will definitely please your beloved.

wife. Such a bouquet will be the most sincere gift and will once again remind you of devotion, love, and fidelity, and will help talk about the desire to be together as long as possible.

For a teenage girl and student, white roses are also suitable, for example, for the defense of a diploma, the end of the school year, or name day. It is best if the bouquet is presented by your father, grandfather, or brother because the attention of men always evokes pleasant emotions.

You can also order white roses as a gift for a colleague, teacher, friend, or just an acquaintance, and the compositions can be mixed, with the addition of suitable companions, and also beautifully packaged.

It is not recommended to present such a bouquet to older women, because flowers associated with youth may be perceived ambiguously by them. But if you are well acquainted with the preferences of your grandmother, mother, or friend and you know that white roses will please her, despite the symbolism, then buy snow-white flowers without a doubt!

It is also not recommended to use roses as an official bouquet for a person you don’t know well. It is also worth familiarizing yourself with national traditions if you plan to present the composition to foreigners. For example, in Asia, roses are a symbol of mourning and grief for the deceased.